Portable Speed Radar Dolly

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Product Descriptions


Allows you to quickly and easily move this speed radar around. Studies show speed radar units significantly reduce speeding.


  • Dolly mounted
  • Lightweight Design
  • Slow Down Display Violation
  • All LED Display
  • 10″ High Characters
  • Portable
  • Over Speed Flashing Violator Alert
  • White Strobe over-speed alert
  • Over Speed Blanking Violator Alert
  • Photocell for Auto dimming
  • Lowest power industry standard radar for speed measurement
  • Easily setup by one person
  • FCC pre-approved with CE mark
  • Available in 24.125GHz and 24.200Ghz
  • KPH Option available



Warranty Information

RU2 Systems’ Limited Warranty Hardware: RU2 Systems makes a Limited Warranty that Hardware Products (including embedded software or firmware) will, at the time of shipment to Purchaser, conform to RU2 Systems’ published specifications and be free from defects in material and workmanship. The occurrence of any of the following terminates RU2 Systems’ Limited Warranty: i. A Product fails as the result of modification or repair of the Product by other than in conformity with RU2 Systems’ approved procedures; ii. A Product fails as the result of improper or insufficient maintenance; iii. A Product is damaged due to electrical power surge, lightning strike, accident, negligence, improper storage, incorrect installation, incorrect operation, unusual deterioration due to physical environments in excess of limits set forth in Product manuals, or any other type of abuse or misuse; or iv. The removal of serial numbers, or the removal, mutilation or defacement of any part of a Product. As a condition to making any claim under this Limited Warranty, Purchaser must request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) before the Limited Warranty terminates or expires. Provided that the Limited Warranty has not terminated or expired, RU2 Systems shall issue the RMA and Purchaser shall have the right to return the nonconforming Product, transportation prepaid, to RU2 Systems for repair or, at RU2 Systems’ option, replacement with new or reconditioned materials. Warranty service and repairs must be performed by an Authorized RU2 Systems Warranty Service Center or the Factory Customer Service Center or this Warranty is void. Except for repair or replacement, RU2 Systems shall have no other liability to Purchaser. Equipment Supplied with Consumable Items such as tires, non-rechargeable batteries, carrying pouch, etc. are considered consumable items and as such are not covered by this warranty. This warranty is not intended to supplant normal care and service by the Owner or Lessee, as specified in the Operator’s Manual, and shall not apply to equipment which has been defaced or damaged through normal usage. This is a Limited Warranty only and shall expire: Rechargeable Batteries & other ‘wear’ parts: twelve (12) months, Digital Display & Radar Device: sixty (60) months, Individual LED components: one-hundred-twenty (120) months, after the date of shipment of each unit of Product(s) to Purchaser.