Base-Bolted Steel Sign Post Break-away System


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Product Descriptions

Dornbos Sign & Safety is happy to be a distributor of Franklin Industries’ base-bolted break-away sign post system.

Base-bolted sign posts will support any type of warning, regulatory or guide signs, from small signs on single posts to very large signs or sign clusters on multiple posts. Base-bolted sign posts also work well for construction and temporary signing. 

Lower Labor Cost/Higher Salvage Value

Base posts, sign posts, and sign panels are often reusable after impact with an errant vehicle. If damaged, sign posts can be cut into base posts. But more importantly, because of the breakaway action, expensive sign panels, the major cost component of a sign installation, can most likely be reused.

NCHRP – FHWA has accepted Franklin Industries sign posts in single and multiple post installations for all Federal-aid routes and projects.


Sold in pairs - 2 Spacers and 2 Grade 9 Hex Head, Bolt, Nut and Lockwasher