Reasons Why Traffic Control Signs and Products are Important

For anyone who has driven or ridden in an automobile, chances are you've seen a traffic control sign or product. They're everywhere, and the city and the highway department put them there for very good reasons. The first and most important reasoning behind these various signs is safety. The safety of the people in the vehicles and the people out walking or cycling are very important for everyone involved. On top of this, there are other types of safety signs, and you can read on to find out more.

  • Construction Zone Signs. If you've ever gone through a construction zone, you've most likely seen traffic control signs that are very bright colors. They alert drivers to things like lane closures, reduced speed zones, and detours. You may even see a construction worker holding a stop sign and directing traffic if the road went from a two-lane to a single-lane due to the construction. It is imperative that you pay attention and obey these signs because it'll reduce the risk that you hit someone or have an accident in the construction zone.
  • No Entry or Restricted Access Signs. These signs are designed to keep most motorists out of a certain area, whether it's a construction zone, a loading/unloading zone, or a place designed for specific employees. These signs warn people not to attempt to go into places that may be dangerous or hazardous, so they're essential to ensure public safety.
  • Height Limit. Many freeway overpasses have posted height limits that usually appear a few miles before the said overpass. These signs are put there to inform 18-wheelers or people hauling large loads that they must be below the posted height to safely make it under the overpass. If a person ignores these signs, they can easily cause a significant accident on the freeway or damage the vehicle or the load they're transporting.
  • Yield Signs. You can come across a yield sign on any road, whether in a small town or a large city. They are essential where there is a roundabout instead of traffic lights because they inform drivers which vehicles should yield and which vehicles are safe to go through. If you ignore these signs and assume the other driver is going to stop, you can be setting yourself up for an accident. If you come across a yield sign, slow down, defer to oncoming or intersecting traffic, stop when necessary, and only proceed when it is safe.
  • Children at Play Signs. Almost every school, playground, or neighborhood with small children will have these signs. The city puts them up to warn drivers to slow down and pay attention to avoid accidents. Children can run into the road with no warning, especially if they're chasing something or playing, so these signs warn drivers that there are potentially several children in the immediate area.
  • Emergency Vehicle Signs. This sign is less common, but if you have roads with limited room or access, you may see one of these. They're put on these types of roads to warn drivers of an upcoming ambulance garage or a forthcoming fire station. Drivers see these signs and know that there is a possibility of these vehicles coming out of their stations or garages with little or no warning.

Whatever type of safety sign or product you may see as you're driving along, it is important to pay attention and heed their warning. These signs are put there for your safety and the safety of everyone around you - but they'll only work if you pay attention to what they're telling you. So be alert, stay safe, and keep the roadways safe for everyone that is traveling on them.