Common Safety & Traffic Signs on College Campuses and Schools

Posted by Jeffery Dornbos on 24th Jun 2014

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Types of Traffic Signs for School & Campuses

In order for a school or college campus to run smoothly, safety and traffic signs can make a huge impact within the parking lot and on roadways near the learning facility. Not only do these types of signs provide a safer environment for pedestrians who walk around campus while vehicles come in and out. They also give buses and cars the signs they need in order to be aware of where they are going, when to stop and look for pedestrians crossing and the required speed limit within the school zone. At Dornbos Sign Inc., you will find many common school road signs and school traffic signs that can be purchased at affordable rates and used on college campuses and school areas for your convenience.

Types of College Signs

School yard signs make it easier for vehicles, buses and pedestrians to find their way around large campuses. They can also assist students with finding various bus stops and crosswalks for safely getting across major intersections that may be located throughout the campus. All school safety signs sold by Dornbos Sign Inc. are 100% MUTCD approved and meet all state law criteria. Many common signs that you may opt to place throughout the campus of your school include Student Crossing Ahead, school zone signs, school speed limits, Bus Stop Ahead, End School Zone and more. Each sign is made from bright reflective sheeting or 3M diamond grade sheeting. In addition, signs are available in various sizes including 12 x 36 State Law Yield for Pedestrians and 30" x 30" fluorescent yellow School Bus Stop Ahead. While some signs are required by law to have around school zones, others are recommended for display for ultimate safety while in and around school areas.

Custom School Signs

In addition to the average school yard signs that you will find at Dornbos, you may also opt to order specialized, custom signs for your campus. No matter what size or type of sign you're looking for, it can be created for you with ease. Have your school name or logo printed on a sign for display on your campus or have a highly skilled creative team design your school sign for you. Signs are available in many shapes including circular signs and rectangle signs. You may even choose to have special reserved parking signs designed for your school parking lot that can be used for various teachers, staff members, expectant mothers and handicapped students.

No matter what type of sign you are seeking for use outdoors at your school, you are sure to find it while shopping at Dornbos Sign Inc. As a top competitor in the sign industry, we have all the resources to meet your signage needs.

About Dornbos Sign Inc.

For over 60 years, Dornbos Sign Inc. has provided customers with the creation and manufacturing of a wide variety of traffic and safety signs that are commonly used throughout the country. Using only the highest quality materials such as premium 3M reflective sheeting and durable aluminum, these signs are designed to stay fade-free for over 10 years and are very visible for drivers and pedestrians in all lightning and weather conditions. These outdoor signs can be purchased and delivered to any campus nationwide with free shipping available on select orders over $99.