3 Safety Products Your Mobile Work Crews Need

3 Safety Products Your Mobile Work Crews Need

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 20th Sep 2016

3 Safety Products Your Mobile Work Crews Need

If you frequently drive on highways—or, truthfully, roadways in general—then you are probably aware of the road construction that seems to be never-ending throughout American streets. There is always something that needs to be updated, completed, or changed.

For many drivers, road construction is considered a temporary hassle—one that must be endured for a few short months or at most a year or two; however, for many Americans, road construction is an occupation. It’s what they do day in and day out in order to bring home a paycheck. And it is a very dangerous job to have.

Men and women who work in road construction put their lives at risk every day they show up for work. Road construction settings can also be dangerous for drivers. Slower speeds and closed-off lanes are commonly enforced, which creates an increased amount of traffic and a higher risk of accidents taking place.

Anywhere there is an increased risk of danger on our roadways, proper signage and advanced warning for drivers—or pedestrians when applicable—must be in place. Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. manufactures and supplies a variety of safety products suitable for road construction environments. Our company has a number of must-have road construction signage and equipment products every mobile work crew would find useful.

1.STOP/SLOW Signs with Retractable Fiberglass Staff

Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. manufactures  STOP and SLOW signs equipped with retractable staffs. Transportable and lightweight, these signs are the perfect accessories for road construction sites featuring one-lane traffic. Our selection includes 18-inch by 18-inch or 24-inch by 24-inch signs.

On our online store, customers can also find a 7-feet Tall Retractable Staff available. Made by Bone Safety, the staff is cable of retracting between 48 and 84 inches.

2.Sign Stands

Our company supplies a range of  sign stands suitable for a variety of situations. For example, we sell Twin Flex Sign Stands made by Dicke Safety Products, which are made with 16-gauge steel legs that are available in aluminum or with an orange powder coat finish. This particular sign stand is capable of supporting roll-up signs, making them a great accessory for road construction zones.

Our online store also features Stacker Bases, which are also made by Dicke Safety Products. This particular product is available in two styles, including the pocket style sign mount or the screw lock style sign mount. The Stacker Base is capable of displaying 36-inch and 48-inch roll-up signs.

3.Useful Signs for Construction Zones

Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. sells a selection of road signs made for  road construction purposes. Our collection includes a number of orange, diamond construction zone signs, which are available for $142 and come in 3 different types of reflective sheeting (super bright, marathon, and diamond grade). The orange, diamond signs Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. supplies for construction zones include signs that say:

  • Be Prepared to Stop
  • Left(Right) Shoulder Closed
  • Left(Right) Lane Closed Ahead
  • Road Work Ahead
  • Road Closed Ahead
  • Detour Ahead
  • Men Working
  • All of the road construction signs Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. sells are made from the highest quality materials and provide great visibility at night and during other weather conditions for drivers.

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