3 Uses for High School Traffic and Safety Cones

3 Uses for High School Traffic and Safety Cones

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 10th Nov 2015

Keeping students and drivers safe is an integral part of the infrastructure of every education system. That’s why making sure a school is well-equipped with traffic and safety cones is just as important as having fire extinguishers and alarms set in place within the facilities of a school.

These cones serve as elements of maintaining security by alerting school visitors and non-visitors of pedestrians and directions of traffic. The following are some ways in which commonplace school cones are used.

1. Public Safety

When you spot fluorescent safety cones on the road, it’s a given that they’re placed there for security reasons. Although you might mostly spot them in construction zones as roadside workers usually use them to say clear of vehicles, they’re also used for keeping students and drivers safe.

When these cones are used outside, students know where they can walk. Sometimes the cones are placed in front of potential hazard zones or in areas of construction by the school. Their main use outside is to direct traffic. They prevent traffic jams from occurring in the school zone throughout the day.

For low-light conditions, these cones are equipped with flashing lights and/or retro-reflective sleeves so they can be easily spotted. Their sturdy and easy-to-move nature make them coveted for using all around high schools.

2. School Sports

Safety cones are also widely utilized in the athletic settings of high schools. The reason being is the fact that physical education classes can consist of several different activities taking place simultaneously.

Cones serve as primary methods of sports layout divisions, whether it’s inside the school gym or outside on the field. These cones are extensively used during competitive sports training, as well, in order to instruct athletes and serve as safety barriers. For instance, many high schools use these cones to direct lacrosse matches.

3. School Maintenance

For the sake of keeping everyone safe during cleaning processes, school custodians often use these cones to warn against a slippery floor that may have just been mopped. Cones used for maintenance purposes can be spotted anywhere from the hallway to the front of a restroom door or classroom.

The hectic schedules of high school students and staff throughout the day often lead to a whirlwind of rushing. Traffic and safety cones therefore act as large bright warning signs that can prevent unwanted slip-and-fall accidents.

In addition, school buses often use these cones in the instance of a breakdown. The emergency use of these cones notifies passing drivers of the road interruption ahead of time.

A Large Range of Safety Procedures

Today, safety precautions usually go hand-in-hand with the use of these traffic and safety cones, especially in the sector of education. Whether they’re used to protect students and staff, or drivers alike, cones are necessary for protecting everyone’s wellbeing.

At Dornbos Sign and Safety, you can find a variety of such cones for your high school or for other uses. Contact us today to learn more about our selection, and let us help you ensure the safety of everyone in and around your school.