3M Diamond Grade Linear Delineation System

3M Diamond Grade Linear Delineation System

14th Mar 2022

3M Diamond Grade Linear Delineation System 340 is used to delineate concrete barriers and metal guardrails. The Linear Delineation System Panels have 3M Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting that is laminated on thin-gauge aluminum panels which are then formed into a unique shape that provides the best retroreflection available across a wide range of entrance and observation angles.

These panels can be used on a variety of applications, including bridge abutments, concrete pillars, metal pillars and posts, as well as utility boxes.

The 3M linear delineation panels provide continuous reflectivi8ty when installed edge to edge. The proper spacing for barriers is 18” apart. These panels run parallel to traffic give motorist clear guidance and direction in construction and freeway zones where barriers are used.

Using 3M VHB – (very high bond) Acrylic Foam Tape 5962 is suggested to give maximum strength for durability and timely installation. Anchor bolts may also be used for a more permanent installation.

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