5 Interesting or Funny Signs Found on the Web

Posted by Jeffery Dornbos on 8th Aug 2015

Have you ever seen weird road signs and thought to yourself, “What were they thinking?” Well, so have we! Here are five of the most interesting traffic signs we’ve come across recently while surfing the web.

crazy stop sign

No Way Stop Sign

We’ve heard of a four-way stop, but a no way stop? When you can’t go left, right or forward that’s usually called a dead end. This is one of those funny traffic signs that come about because of construction. However, that still doesn’t explain the downward arrow.

one way all way

Information Overload Sign

Traffic signs are made to provide drivers with information, but this set up is an information overload. Putting so many weird road signs all together is going to do nothing but confuse anyone that’s behind the wheel, especially the ones that have never come across this sign monstrosity before.

We hate to think of what the road ahead looks like, but hopefully additional signs were spread out along the way to give drivers a better idea of which way they need to take. That’s the secret to any good street sign – it provides information that gives drivers ample time to prepare.

animals falling

Weird Road Signs about Weird Things Falling from the Sky

At a glance it may look like other ‘Watch for Falling Objects’ novelty street signs, but then you notice that the biggest rock has legs. We can only sympathize with the unlucky driver that actually had a cow land on their car, which prompted local authorities to put this sign up. On this stretch of road you not only have to look out for boulders, you have to look out for falling livestock too!

too many ways to go - good luck

Good Luck Sign

At least these guys know how confusing their sign is. Whoever created this road system was setting people up for imminent failure. This is a perfect example of how important customized street signs can be. We’re pretty sure this is the only street sign of its kind out on the road (at least we hope so).

learning to fly

Learn to Fly Sign Becomes a Warning Sign

We’re assuming the signs came first on this one, and the landing spot of the plane was an unfortunate coincidence. Then again, the pilot could have just been following the signs. Regardless the plane in the tree probably isn’t good for business.

This is just a small sampling of the interesting traffic signs we’ve come across in over 50 years of making signage. We’ve even made a few ourselves when clients need something custom like a cow falling from a cliff.