5 Red Flags When Purchasing Signs Online

5 Red Flags When Purchasing Signs Online

30th Nov 2020

When purchasing signs, especially in bulk, there are plenty of benefits to ordering online. You'll likely have customization options, it's sometimes cheaper than ordering in person, and it's almost always more convenient. Unfortunately, ordering online can come with its drawbacks if you order from the wrong website.  If you're wondering how to purchase signs online without getting ripped off, simply take note of these five red flags:

1. Made Overseas

Products made overseas should definitely be a red flag for those concerned about unethical manufacturing practices . Many businesses like to have their products made in countries like China because they can be mass-produced by people who are being paid quite poorly.

That combination of cheap labor and cheap materials naturally produces cheap products, in both cost AND quality. If you care about quality and not enabling the mistreatment of workers overseas, it may be best to opt for American-made signs.


2. Don't Adhere to Safety Standards

If you want a proper sign that will be visible, effectively communicate with drivers, and last through harsh weather conditions, you should be conscious of the safety standards for signs. If a sign manufacturer doesn't state that their signs are compliant with the safety standards set by the Department of Transportation and/or the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, you shouldn't purchase them.

There's a reason why these safety standards exist. Signs play an essential role in road safety. We can't just have signs out in the street that are improper colors, lose visibility at night, or fail to withstand the elements.


3. Unusually Low or Unreasonably High Prices

It's generally understood that unusually low prices indicate that a product is probably low-quality and won't last you very long. However, it's important to remember that unreasonably high prices don't necessarily guarantee quality. Both are red flags that you may be dealing with a less-than-reputable company.

For example, if you're paying less than $30 for a single 30" x 30" stop sign, it most likely doesn't have the quality or durability you're looking for. On the other hand, if a business is asking you to pay over $150 for a single stop sign, they're very likely overcharging you.


4. Long or Unreliable Shipping Times

If a sign manufacturer is asking you to wait 4-8 weeks for your sign(s) to be shipped, they may not be worth your time or money. For an American sign business, stock signs should ship no later than 1-2 weeks during their busy season.

Shipping times will vary when it comes to custom signs. A professional sign business should have a shipping policy on their website for you to look at for clarity (alongside a helpful customer service team). If you can't find any straightforward information on their shipping practices/times, you may want to look elsewhere for your signs.


5. Lack of Sustainable Practices

If you care about making environmentally conscious purchases, you should avoid websites that don't care about the durability of their signs.

Businesses that sell signs that only last a few years are doing no favors to the environment as those discarded signs inevitably end up in landfills. Thankfully, you can purchase high-quality signs from websites that guarantee that their products will last approximately a decade.


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