5 Signs Every Campground Needs ASAP

5 Signs Every Campground Needs ASAP

4th Jan 2021

It can be difficult to find your way around a campground, even with a fairly detailed map. The reason for this varies, but the most common is insufficient or unclear signage. That's why we're bringing you a list of the best signs for campgrounds and signs for parks. With these signs, guests will have a much easier time finding their way around and adhering to the rules.

1. Trail Access

It can be difficult to locate trails using maps alone. Some hikers even end up getting lost for hours, searching for a trail in the total opposite direction. Thankfully, there are several trail-related signs you can use to keep people on the right track (pun intended).

Trail entrance signs are a straightforward and effective way of reassuring campers that they've reached their destination. You can also put up directional signs throughout the site to prevent people from getting disoriented.


2. Ranger Station

If campers have any questions, they need to know what authority to turn to. Unfortunately, some ranger stations and information centers could pass for regular homes, gift shops, washrooms, and storage areas.

By putting up a sign, you can ensure that your guests know what the building is meant for. This sign could have a question mark symbol, which indicates a reception desk of some sort, or the ranger station symbol.


3. No Swimming/Climbing

Signs are a great way of keeping people informed about the safety rules and regulations of a campground/park. Two of the most commonly used signs for this purpose are "No Swimming" and "No Climbing" signs.

If you believe there is a body of water or some sort of cliff or hill that should be avoided by campers, these signs could prevent some serious accidents from occurring. After all, how can people conduct themselves safely if they don't know the risks they may be taking?


4. Feeding Animals Prohibited

If you want your campground or park to be a safe place for both humans and wildlife alike, it's important to keep people informed on how to interact with animals. One of the most notable issues on this topic is people feeding animals, which should be discouraged with signs.

Feeding squirrels, rabbits, deer, or other wildlife may seem harmless, even kind, but it can actually be very damaging . This is true for several reasons, including the fact that it's not healthy for animals to consume food or drinks that aren't natural to their diet. Feeding animals can also cause them to have an unhealthy reliance on us for food, which encourages them to come closer to people camping or having picnics.


5. Campfire Area

One of the most essential signs for campgrounds is those that indicate the site's designated campfire areas. Having campers lighting fires willy nilly can be a major safety concern, especially if your campground or park is in a dry region.

To prevent forest fires and other dangers to the surrounding plants and wildlife, it's recommended that you use signs to keep campers informed about where it is and isn't okay to have fires.


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