5 Signs that Promote Neighborly Behavior

5 Signs that Promote Neighborly Behavior

14th Dec 2020

When listing reasons why signs are important for communities, many only think about the basic warning and regulatory road signs. However, there are actually lots of specialty signs for communities, including signs that promote good behavior. Effective signage is a reliable and affordable way of encouraging neighbors to treat each other better, so why not try putting up a few of these signs around town?

1. Clean Up After Pets

Cleaning up after your pet when you take them for a walk is the right thing to do, but everyone's guilty of forgetting once in a while. You can reduce the number of dog droppings in parks, trails, and other public places by putting up some signs to serve as gentle reminders. Worried about coming across too harsh? There's plenty of signs that get this message across in a funny and lighthearted way.


2. Don't Litter

If you care about keeping the people and animals in your community safe, it's essential to encourage people not to litter. Signs are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of doing this. Whether you opt for a gentle "No Littering" or a sterner "Littering is Prohibited" sign, your neighbors are sure to get the message.


3. Private Property / No Trespassing

In some towns, it can be difficult to tell what's public property and what's private property. As a result, people may unintentionally trespass onto a neighbor's property when out for a walk or having a picnic.

Private property and "No Trespassing" signs are a straightforward way of notifying people when they're about to enter private property. They prevent uncomfortable confrontations and help ensure that everyone feels their property is being respected .


4. Don't Feed Animals

Not feeding wild animals is an often overlooked aspect of being a good neighbor, though it's typically only a concern in rural communities. If someone is feeding a wild animal, it's likely that the animal will start hanging around their property and bothering their neighbors for food, too. Even worse, they'll probably bring their friends.

It should also be noted that feeding animals food or liquids that aren't natural to their diet could make them sick or even kill them in severe cases. To prevent these unfortunate scenarios, you can put up "Do Not Feed" signs around town depicting the animals you're concerned about, whether it's squirrels, ducks, rabbits, or even bears and wolves.


5. Priority Parking

It's good neighborly behavior to save the closest parking spots for more vulnerable members of a community , such as seniors and expectant mothers. Understandably, many able-bodied people take up the best spots without realizing how it could make somebody else's day more difficult.

You can use signs to enforce or simply encourage people to leave the closer parking spots for those who need them. You might be surprised how many people will happily take the more considerate route when it's laid out in front of them.


Dornbos Sign Cares About Community

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