5 Signs to Promote Safety in School Zones

5 Signs to Promote Safety in School Zones

1st Mar 2021

One of the most affordable and effective ways of promoting safety in school zones — such as discouraging destructive or dangerous behavior and notifying drivers of certain precautions they should take — is through signs. We here at Dornbos Sign and Safety carry several signs to make schools safer for everyone, such as:

1. Speed Limits

Drivers are supposed to drive slower in school zones, but some may forget or be unaware that they're in a school zone in the first place. Thankfully, you can use signs to advise drivers about the new speed limit. It could be a sign plainly stating the zone's speed limit or a sign asking drivers to slow down.


2. Children Playing

It's important to remind drivers that there may be children outside playing, especially around your school's playground. That's why many communities put up signs asking drivers to slow down and be on the lookout for children who may accidentally wander onto roads or into the parking lot. There are also more specific signs notifying drivers about deaf or blind children in the area, as they'd be unable to hear or see oncoming traffic.


3. Gun-Free Zone

With Dornbos Sign and Safety, you can purchase drug-free and gun-free school signs that discourage dangerous and criminal behavior while establishing basic rules for the area. With signs as straight to the point as these, those who break the rules will have difficulty claiming they didn't know any better.


4. Anti-Bullying

Bullying is an issue that persists in schools across the country, causing many students to experience discomfort, anxiety, and potentially severe self-esteem issues. That's why we offer signs that declare your school is a bullying-free zone . Our selection of anti-bullying signs also includes OK2SAY decals, which list helpful resources for students who may be victims of bullying.


5. Bus Stop Ahead

We carry several signs that notify drivers about upcoming school bus stops. Since children need time to enter and exit the bus safely, it's important to remind or inform drivers that there's a stop up ahead.

We have signs advising drivers to turn around, to stop, and to simply be cautious. Like many of our other warning and traffic signs, you can purchase these bus stop signs with flashing LEDs for extra visibility.


Make School Zones Safer with Dornbos

As an independent, family-owned sign business in Charlotte, Michigan, Dornbos Sign and Safety cares about making school zones a safer place for both children and teachers. That's why we carry such a wide range of affordable safety signs for schools.

Our high-quality signs are all made in America using premium materials that are long-lasting and highly visible, such as 3M High Intensity Prismatic reflective material. These signs are built to withstand harsh weather conditions and be visible at all hours, night and day.

If we don't have a sign that fits your needs, feel free to contact us directly. We'd be happy to custom design one according to your specifications. Additionally, if you have any questions about our signs, shipping, or anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out to us by emailing info@dornbossign.com, calling 1-800-922-0029, or through our online form.