5 Vital Reasons Businesses Need to Use Traffic Cones

5 Vital Reasons Businesses Need to Use Traffic Cones

6th Jun 2017

You may not be aware of it but there’s a lot of research behind the mundane traffic cone. The reason they're so essential? To warn people, you have to get their attention. Turns out, color matters. Here are some important reasons why your business needs to keep a few orange traffic cones on hand.

1. Use Traffic Cones to Warn People About Indoor Hazards

Because orange stands out against almost every other color in nature, it’s easy for most people to see. As the color experts at Hunter Lab put it, “orange is more visible from longer distances than every color besides red.” Drivers and pedestrians know, then, that when they see orange, watch out. Orange safety cones shout “Warning!” without a word.

The neon-orange colors in traffic cones aren’t just any orange, though. Safety regulations specify that traffic cones and other safety warning signs use only the brightest shades of the color. Businesses and highway departments, therefore, need to use genuine safety orange cones to protect drivers and pedestrians from dangerous areas. Even if you’re in an office far off the street, you need to stash a few cones in the closet to warn people about wet floors, broken glass, or other indoor hazards.

2. Use Traffic Cones When You Remodel

Construction sites need a good supply of orange traffic cones to keep people out of the construction area. Whether it’s getting conked on the head by falling bricks when you demolish an exterior wall or breathing in dust from smashed sheetrock, curious onlookers can get hurt if you fail to keep them out of the construction area. Use bright orange traffic cones to keep everyone safe.

3. Set Out Traffic Cones to Control Crowds

Let’s say it’s your company’s big night. You’ve invited a big-name entertainer to serenade your deep-pocketed investors. Trouble is, the public got wind of the entertainer’s appearance and are trying to get close to him as he heads for the backstage door. Use the psychological impact of parking lot cones to give your event guards some backup. Cordon off a safe area through which your celebrity guest can safely pass and station your guards along the way. People think twice if they see orange traffic cones—the symbol of authority—in their way.

4. Use Traffic Cones to Create Temporary Traffic Signs

If you’re doing some work on the parking lot and need to place direction arrows or stop signs on a temporary basis, use traffic cones as a base for the signs. If people aren’t used to seeing a stop sign in a certain place, they might drive right through, causing the potential for an accident. If you insert the sign into a bright orange traffic cone, though, drivers will notice that there’s a sign—and screech to a stop. After you finish, it’s easy to take the signs down. Just lift out the sign, stack the traffic cones on top of each other, and put them into storage until the next time you need them.

5. Use Traffic Cones to Block Off Potholes

After a few blustery winters take their toll on your parking lot, you may develop potholes. Don’t risk your customers blowing out a tire or bottoming out when they unknowingly drive across the pothole. Use your parking lot cones to block off the potholes until you can fill them in and pave over the area.

>Make Sure Your Business Is Prepared

Convinced yet? Traffic and parking lot cones are cheap. Lawsuits aren’t. Protect your bottom line and your customers’ well-being. Invest in a few bright orange traffic cones. For the best prices and quickest service for all your safety sign needs, contact Dornbos Sign and Safety today.