7 Uncommon Signs Every Driver Should Know About

7 Uncommon Signs Every Driver Should Know About

19th Nov 2020

When learning how to drive, it's essential to know your signs inside and out. This includes both the common signs you'll see on a daily basis and rarer signs that might take you by surprise. Unfortunately, both new and experienced drivers alike may neglect to learn about these rarer signs, making it impossible to properly engage in defensive driving. So, what are some uncommon signs that every new driver should know about? Here are seven to get you started:


1. Autistic/Deaf Child Area

If you live in a community that's diligent about keeping children safe , you will eventually see an autistic or deaf child area sign. Having these signs on the appropriate streets in a community can protect children who may be more at risk of walking into the path of vehicles. If you see one of these signs, be extra vigilant and wary of any children nearby.


2. Blind Person in Area

Blind person in area signs function similarly to those for autistic and deaf children. Though drivers should  always be mindful of pedestrians, these signs are great indicators to maybe slow down, turn down your music, and proceed with more caution than usual.


3. Snowmobile Crossing

This may not be relevant to where you live in the country, but it's still important to be aware of where  snowmobiles may attempt to cross on the road while you're driving. In fact, you should be as cautious about people on snowmobiles as you are with people on bikes. After all, these fast, compact vehicles offer little protection for its drivers.


4. Farm Machinery

Similar to a snowmobile crossing sign, your location will determine whether or not you ever see farm  machinery crossing signs. Still, being able to recognize the symbol and knowing how to safely pass slow farm machinery on the road will come in handy on your next road trip!


5. Low Shoulder Symbol

A good tip for new drivers is to avoid driving into the shoulder of the road, especially if the shoulder is lower than the road itself. The last thing you'd want is a low shoulder taking you by surprise. Thankfully, there's a helpful sign for that!


6. Road May Flood

If a road is located near a body of water with a high sea level, it may be subject to occasional flooding.  Given the dangers of driving through water (such as hydroplaning), it's essential that drivers be on the lookout for warnings about what roads could be vulnerable to flooding.


7. Fog Area

If you see a sign that says fog area, you probably know what's coming your way. Still, many drivers forget or underestimate the hazards that come with a foggy morning or afternoon. If you see a sign advising you of a fog area ahead, proceed with caution.

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