Advance Solar Chevron with LED lights for all driving conditions.

Advance Solar Chevron with LED lights for all driving conditions.

29th Aug 2022

K&K Systems Advanced Warning System utilizes the CrossTalk, an advanced lighting controller, in conjunction wtih a triggering sensor to activate Sign Alert LEDs warning drivers of traffic interruption or road conditions. The radar connected unit detects on-coming vehicles and wirelessly signals the other grouped signs' controllers to come on or simultaneously per the user-specified settings (e.g., flash speed and duration). The Crosstalk is an efficient and cost saving solution for expensive wired traffic signs.


The CrossTalk CHEVRON Curve Warning System uses a flexible master / node architecture allowing for multiple configurations and user-defined application settings. A low-power radar (or other triggering device) is connected to a master unit which detects oncoming traffic and “triggers” the system to start the desired curve-warning signaling pattern and timing. With a master unit installed on either end of the curve, the system detects oncoming traffic in both directions and triggers the appropriate directional flash pattern on each wireless connected node.



K&K's SMART Add-On devices can trigger Sign Alert to activate for a particular function. For example add a radar sensor to activate the Warning Sign Alert at railroad intersections, a high water sensor for areas prone to flooding, or immediate activation with our key fob remote for emergency facilities like fire stations.

K&K Systems’ CrossTalk Control System is an advanced wireless solar lighting controller that allows communication between Warning Sign Alerts wirelessly. The CrossTalk CrossWalk uses a radio frequency to activate the sign for the set amount of time when, for example, a traffic light turns yellow, a truck is preparing to enter a highway, a train is approaching an intersection, or at a dangerous curve. Setup is quick and simple. Because of the CrossTalk CrossWalk is a compact all-in-one controller, it easily retrofits to any existing system.