American Made Products

American Made Products

30th Jun 2020

Top 4 Reasons to Support American-Made Products

Dornbos Sign Inc., a family-owned and operated business, has served Charlotte, Mich. for the last six decades. We understand the importance of combining high-quality products with superior support to create a customer-centric experience.

One of the things we have prided ourselves on is our support of American-made products. From our U-Channel Posts from Franklin Industries, Inc. to our reflective sheeting from 3M, we support companies and products made here in the US. Some of our other American-made products include Plasticade barricades, Allied Tube and Conduit Square Sign Posts, Vega Molded Products and Reflectors, Impact Recovery Systems, and US Solar Traffic Systems.

Why Buy American

We live in a global economy, where the international exchange of goods and services is commonplace. With the global supply chain experiencing interruptions due to the pandemic, it is more important than ever to support domestically-produced products. Supporting local businesses reinforces the strength of local communities, helping to keep our economy strong.

There are other reasons to buy American.

1. It ensures labor and safety laws are followed

Consumer protection laws are in place in the US to ensure we are buying products that are safe to use. These strict regulations include rigorous testing to guarantee quality and compliance with all safety standards. Factories where products are produced also must adhere to government-regulated safety standards. Products made in other countries are not subject to the same stringent guidelines.

2. It promotes independence

Being part of the global economy is important. But, COVID-19 has taught us that the global supply chain can be interrupted at any time, crippling us. The more we buy American-made products, the less we have to rely on foreign imports to meet our everyday needs.

3. It protects the environment

Transporting products from overseas requires a lot of petroleum. The result is a lot of unnecessary emissions. Buying products made in America helps reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing the amount of transport needed to get those products to consumers.

4. It preserves our future economy

Buying American helps create new jobs and preserve the ones we already have here for generations to come. It also helps lower the trade deficit.

Support American-Made Products with Dornbos Sign

Whether you are in the market for quality traffic signs, traffic control products, or reflective signs, we have you covered. We guarantee our quality, American-made products will meet every need. Contact us today to learn more.