Are your custom street name signs MUTCD and FHWA compliant?

Are your custom street name signs MUTCD and FHWA compliant?

7th Apr 2021

Custom street name signs

Custom street name signs can define local culture with unique colors, styles and features. At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we love to help local communities stand out with professional, durable custom street signs.

Our custom signs help cities develop a cohesive culture. Custom signs are a great way to help visitors find historic neighborhoods and landmarks. They help build a brand that can support tourism and local commerce.

What Is MUTCD and FHWA Compliance?

What is MUTCD and FHWA Compliance?

Dornbos custom street signs add fun to country lanes, driveways and bedroom walls. However, our signs also comply with MUTCD and FHWA regulations. You can use them to rename Main Street after a hometown hero or customize pathways in local parks and attractions.

The  Federal Highway Administration or FHWA is part of the U.S. Department of Transportation. FHWA helps local and state authorities construct, maintain and design highways and roads. As part of this role, the administration publishes the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices or MUTCD.

The MUTCD sets standards for signs and other traffic control devices in the United States. This includes highway markings, traffic signals, and road signs. By making our products MUTCD-compliant, we clear the way for local authorities to use customized street signs.

How Custom Street Name Signs Define Local Culture

How Custom Street Name Signs Define Local Culture

Street signs provide important directional information for residents and visitors alike. Custom street signs help define local culture. Even local residents who have the names of streets memorized can appreciate beautiful signs that create an identity for their community.

MUTCD and FHWA compliant signs from our manufacturing facility use engineer grade materials and reflective paint for high visibility. When you order signs, you can choose parameters such as size, font, and flat or extruded styles. It is important for the signs to conform to local standards and customs.

You can mount custom street signs to metal poles or use specialized markers to save space and honor local heritage. In many towns and cities, buildings no longer display the full address.

Instead, commercial properties and retail businesses rely on standardized street signs. They go for an uncluttered look that contains the street address only. So, visitors depend on street signs for a final confirmation that their GPS has steered them in the right direction.

Choose from a Variety of Colors

Choose from a Variety of Colors

Local officials determine the parameters of custom street name signs. Many towns and neighborhoods use standard white or green signs with black or white lettering, respectively. Many other color combinations are available, such as brown and white signs that blend into natural settings. Also, red and white signs draw attention to landmarks or special areas.

Some jurisdictions use different colored signs to signal that drivers are moving into an unincorporated area or specific neighborhood. Other municipalities use different colored street signs to help citizens and visitors note that they are moving out of public areas.

Pre-planned communities often have customized street signs to help orient residents and visitors and differentiate their communities. Additionally, property owners sometimes use novelty signs to direct visitors or identify fun names for their private roads and paths.

How Custom Street Name Signs Support Communities

Communities can use street names and custom street signs to draw in visitors. They can also help residents identify with their heritage or background. For example, coastal towns add the word "Beach" to many street names to attract tourists and visitors.

Other communities may use "Lake" or "River" in street names to define neighborhoods close to natural attractions. The same concept goes for deserts, canyons, mountains, and hills that find their way into novelty street name signs.

Custom street name signs add fun and flair to private roads. They make it easy for drivers to navigate large parking complexes. Some cities conform to 6-inch signs for speed limits below 25 mph and use 9-inch signs to denote higher speed limits.

By using special colors, shapes and sizes, your community can help locals and visitors find businesses. This saves the hassle of using GPS every time shoppers want to run an errand.

Types of Custom Street Name Signs

You can choose the flat blade, extruded or novelty street signs for your public or private roads and streets. All our styles are double-sided for maximum visibility unless otherwise requested.

Types of Custom Street Name Signs

Flat Blade Street Signs

Double-sided flat blade street signs are easy to read from the front and back. We use durable 0.080-inch aluminum that conforms to MUTCD standards. 3M prismatic reflective material improves the look and visibility of completed street signs. You can also choose from a variety of mounting styles.

Extruded Blade Street Signs

Extruded blade street signs are typically stronger than flat blade designs. At Dornbos, we use 0.080-inch or 0.090-inch aluminum to create extruded ends and lettering. We can also create customized blank sizes.

Novelty Street Signs

Novelty street signs adorn the walls of buildings, offices, homes and other areas. Images and text customized for each client's needs help families and businesses define a unique environment. At Dornbos, we work with jurisdictions and private citizens to determine their specific needs. If you are posting signs along public highways and roads, we'll help you remain compliant with MUTCD standards.

Why Choose Dornbos Signs and Safety?

Custom street signs are valuable to local residents and visitors. They can even help draw in more business by making it easier to connect shoppers to destinations. It helps to work with a company that's already familiar with FHWA and MUTCD standards. Especially, if you want to approach your local authorities to customize signs in your area.

For more information on how to order, design and install custom street name signs, contact Dornbos Sign and Safety today!