Back To School - Ways Traffic Signs Make School Zones Safer

Back To School - Ways Traffic Signs Make School Zones Safer

30th Oct 2020

School Zone

With children flocking back to class for the start of the new school year, it's time to reconsider existing safety measures. While school zone safety has improved in recent decades, statistics remain grim with 25,000 children suffering car accidents in school zones each year. While the children are the greatest concern, they're also only one-fifth of victims overall. Rigorous enforcement and effective early warnings with school safety signs can help further reduce injuries and fatalities.

Modern School Safety Problems

While traffic incidents in school zones declined continuously for decades, the figures are now more complex. Accidents involving particularly young children, such as those below the age of 12 have continued to decline. However, children 12 years and older have become victims of an increasing number of accidents.

Electronic Device Usage

The running theory on increasing numbers of accidents involving children of 12 years and up is that they're more distracted than younger peers. It's most likely a result of children gaining access to electronic devices and using them during road crossing.

Electronic Device Usage

While initiatives to encourage children to put their devices away are worthwhile, the responsibility for school zone safety ultimately falls upon the adults behind the wheel. That said, there are reasons that drivers can lose focus in and around school zones and measures to take to avoid them.

Sign Blindness

Sign Blindness

Traffic safety, factory labor, and virtually every industry involving heavy machinery need to take sign blindness into account. When someone sees a certain warning too many times, it begins to lose its ability to produce a cognitive response. Using more striking, unique signs or implementing measures to draw attention to them can help overcome sign blindness.

School Safety Signs Can Help

School safety signs are an essential component of any comprehensive approach to improving the safety of pedestrian crossings. Instead of relying on simple speed limit signs, you can utilize purpose-built designs that are more likely to catch the attention of drivers. Reflective signs, handheld signs for crossing guards, and regulatory signs can help keep kids safe.

Regulatory Signs

There is a wide range of regulatory signs that you can explore. A specially-designed regulatory sign with a unique design can help drivers realize this isn't just a routine trip. Rather, they're passing through an area where children frequently cross and must exercise greater caution.

Slow Down, Children Crossing Signs

Slow Down, Children Crossing Signs

One way to get the attention of drivers is by being clear and direct. Our slow down, watch for children and slow, children playing signs get straight to the point. Obeying traffic laws in a school zone isn't just a matter of staying on the right side of the law: it's about keeping local kids safe.

Our unique designs play an important part, but high-quality construction standards are key as well. Both of the above signs have the following benefits:

  • Reflective materials offering good visibility, day and night
  • Construction options that boost reflectiveness and visibility even further
  • Long-lasting aluminum construction that resists weathering and rust
  • Sufficient size for drivers to immediately see and understand the sign

Handheld Stop Signs

Handheld Stop Signs

School crossing guards are iconic, from their reflective vests to their hand-portable stop signs. Old solutions are often applicable to modern problems, and a vigilant, well-trained crossing guard serves as a reminder to pedestrians and drivers. The regular presence of a guard in traffic helps to keep drivers alert to the presence of pedestrians. On the other hand, children also benefit from the presence of a responsible adult and traffic safety role-model.

Stop Signs

Equip your crossing guards with our handheld school safety signs. The motion and unusual placement of these stop signs can catch the attention of drivers and help prevent accidents. Additionally, our paddle stop signs adhere to various safety regulations and considerations thanks to features such as:

  • FHWA & MUTCD Compliance
  • 3M Prismatic Reflective Sheeting
  • 12" Lightweight Orange & Black Plastic Handle
  • 18" X 18" Weighs Roughly 4lbs
  • 24" x 24" Weighs Roughly 6lbs
  • Made in the USA tumblr-m9w8ljaf2p1roozkr.gif
  • Reflective provides day and nighttime visibility
  • .080 Heavy Duty Rust-Free Aluminum Construction

Additionally, the STOP/SLOW handheld sign allows the guard to more precisely communicate with drivers.

School Crossing LED Signs

LED School Zone Signs

Studies are starting to support the idea that LED signs can help make our streets safer. On an intuitive level, it makes sense: small, flashing lights will naturally draw attention to a sign and reinforce its message. Flashing beacons above and below signs have already been a staple in many school zones across North America, as well.

With Dornbos, you can choose whether you're interested in beacons, LED lights, both, or neither. Our school speed limit sign includes several such options, such as the choice of AC or solar power. The well-protected charge controller helps ensure a long service life and minimizes any risks involved with electricity. Depending on the combination of design features you think are best-suited to your school district, you can call or email us for a free quote.

School Zone Series

Find Out More with Dornbos Sign and Safety

Eye-catching graphics, driver psychology, and creativity are just a few things that inform our school safety sign designs. If you're interested in learning more about how signs can help your school zone cut down on traffic accidents, explore our blog.

When you find the ideas and specific signs that seem suitable for your streets, don't hesitate. Buy the latest Dornbos school safety signs today via our online storefront. Our signs are made right here in the USA, and every one of them adheres to high production standards.

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