17th Sep 2018

Traffic Sign Manufacturer and Traffic Control Safety Products

Are you trying to manage a traffic control project? With requirements that vary between states, it's crucial that you find the right traffic sign manufacturer. Types I, II, and IIl barricades are central to maintaining safety and  FHWAMUTCD and MASH. requirements. Additionally, you may need to use A-frames. When you understand more about each product, you can make your traffic safety role easier to manage.

Using Type I and Type II Barricades Correctly

When you need to meet NCHRP and MUTC standards, Type I and  Type II barricades prove infinitely useful. While Type I features a single barricade board, Type II comes with two. The single barricade board on your Type I barricade is usually reflective, with the aim of making your roadside site visible to drivers. When you place them strategically around the area you want vehicles to avoid, you reduce worksite risks and lower car accident rates. Choose Type I when you're working on a small area with few risks involved.

In contrast, Type II barricades feature two large panels. They still have reflective properties. However, the second barrier provides robust protection against people making their way into a protected area or falling into a dangerous site. For example, if you're organizing an event such as a parade, Type II barricades provide clear visual cues against moving onto the road. They make crowd control easier, which is often essential when managing events such as marathons. Additionally, you can use them at utility work sites, where you need to avoid allowing members of the public to fall into hazardous zones.

When Type III Barricades Become Necessary

As you may have guessed, a  Type III barricade provides three protective barricade boards. They're often less flexible than Type I and Type II as they don't often come in a foldable A-frame format that you can move easily. However, if you need to restrict road access completely, they'll act as your best asset. Many are robust, as they feature steel that's difficult to knock down, making them ideal for managing heavy crowds at a roadside event. If you need to enhance visibility, you can choose barricades that feature different grade of reflective barricade tape, Engineer Grade, High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade Cubed barricade tape is available as well as barricade lights. The use of lights becomes crucial when you don't want road users to access specific areas by mistake at night.

Recognizing When A-Frames Are a Necessity

Not every barricade comes in an  A-Frame format, but when they do they're easier to move around than other types. A-frames are lightweight and easy to stack. If you need temporary traffic control for a low-risk project and your needs change regularly, they provide convenience. You can easily use them to block driveways or create no-parking zones around schools and hospitals.

If you're unsure as to which barricade you need, ask a professional. We're happy to provide advice, just contact us with details of your project.