Best Signs for High-Traffic Streets

Best Signs for High-Traffic Streets

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 31st Mar 2016


In areas of high road traffic, it’s customary to have the right safety signs in place to prevent accidents as motorists as well as pedestrians are protected. With the rise in dependence on technology nowadays, the general public has become more inclined to get distracted, which calls for the need for visible signs.

The visibility of a sign is largely reliant on its overall composition and whether it comes with reflective sheeting. At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we use the highest quality signs in the market to ensure durability and discernibility. The following are some of the most essential safety signs that should be installed in busy streets.

Pedestrian Safety Signs

When pedestrians need to cross a busy road, it’s necessary to have signs that caution drivers about their state law. These signs can simply take different forms including a diamond-shaped  pedestrian crossing sign. They are mainly characterized by boasting fluorescent yellow-green sheeting.

At Dornbos Sign and Safety, you can find several signs equipped with LED lights with a long life expectancy and a rapid flash rate to notify drivers from a distance. These heavy-duty aluminum signs come with a keyed On/Off switch and they’re MUTCD compliant. Such signs can even be accompanied with traffic cones.

Regulatory Signs

Traffic cones can be used to regulate traffic in particular instances, such as times of functioning events when cars should halt for pedestrians. Additionally, regulatory and stop signs play a large role in controlling traffic in various traffic situations.  These signs are highly effective in areas comprised of intersections as well as pull-over regions.

At Dornbos Sign and Safety, all of our regulatory signs are constructed with 3M High Intensity Prismatic sheeting materials that are made to last for at least a decade without signs of fading. The following are some of the most popular regulatory signs you can find at Dornbos Sign and Safety:

Signs that regulate speed limits and even school zones are necessary for busy streets that could be part of residential and commercial areas. Drivers from all over the nation can recognize the signs from Dornbos Sign and Safety. These signs can be spotted in all sorts of weather conditions, while offering visibility during darker hours or regions of low lighting.

Warning Signs

In addition to pedestrian and regulatory signs,  warning signs can caution drivers about what to expect on the road to avoid being in dangerous situations. Whether a sign informs drivers of entering an area where children play, or if the driver is nearing a winding road or a railroad, warning signs are effective in alerting motorists.

By having the right signs placed in busy areas, drivers and pedestrians can be more aware of their surroundings and proceed in a cautious manner. The use of these signs is critical, especially when they are manufactured with quality, like those at Dornbos Sign and Safety. For more information on how our large variety of signs can be used on active streets, contact Dornbos Sign and Safety today.