​Choosing the Right Grade Regulatory Sign for Your Uses

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 10th Mar 2016

Having the right regulatory signs in place is a must for just about any setting. Drivers can know what to expect while they’re on the road and when to stop. Stop signs, in particular, are among the most important regulatory signs as they clearly define the movement of traffic in a myriad of areas.

Regulatory signs come with different grades of reflective sheeting, as do many other types of traffic signs. Some of the different prismatic reflective sheeting grades you can find at Dornbos Sign and Safety, Inc. include 3M Diamond Grade Cubed, Florescent Yellow Diamond Grade, High Intensity Prismatic and Engineer Grade Prismatic.

Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting

A grade that offers a reflectivity of about 1,000 foot lamberts/square inch, the Diamond Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting can usually be spotted from about a mile away during darker hours. That’s one of the reasons Diamond Grade Cubed sheeting is widely used on high-speed interstate locations.

This material is not only extra durable, its reflectivity is ideal for many traffic situations. Diamond Grade sheeting is the brightest kind of sheeting offered by Dornbos Sign and Safety Inc. Signs with this type of sheeting never rust. With a lifespan of a minimum ten years, durability is at its best. The Diamond Grade Cubed sheeting comes with a twelve-year warranty and delivers high-class visibility.

High Intensity Prismatic

Also known as “Type IV Reflective”, High Intensity Prismatic reflective sheeting is the most widely used reflective sheeting. This grade has an estimated 250-foot lamberts/square inch reflectivity and is also highly durable.

The “Type 3 and 4 Reflective” requirements outlined by the Department of Transportation are met by this grade. The High Intensity Grade offers about ten times more reflectivity than that delivered by the Engineer Grade Prismatic. All of Dornbos’ reflective signs are made of High Intensity Prismatic reflective sheeting, unless stated differently.

Engineer Grade Prismatic

If you’re looking for a sign to place on secondary streets and parking lots, this is most likely the best grade for you. When Engineer Grade Prismatic reflective sheeting is placed on a sign, the sign is still reflective. You can save some money and still get a reflective sign that will last for a minimum of 7 years.

Choosing the Right Grade for Your Needs

There are several factors associated with selecting the right grade of reflective sheeting to meet your preferences. This includes being aware of new legislation regulating which types of sheeting are permitted for use in your area.

For more information about which type of reflective sheeting is for you, please contact jd@dornbossign.com.