Construction Signs: Why You Should Follow Them

2nd Jun 2017

flagger signroad work sign

When you see those orange signs for construction, accompanied by workers in orange vests and hard hats, you may become frustrated. Especially if it is on your daily commute, you know the traffic is only the beginning. Soon the right lane is suddenly closed, the speed limit drops to 20 mph and there is a seemingly endless amount of equipment sprawled out all over the road. These environmental cues are a tell-tale sign that road work is upon us.

While you often look at it as an inconvenience, perhaps you should try to view it as a positive encounter. Yes, it does cause traffic. Sure, it can get loud. Yes, it might cause a little extra dust to stick on your shiny white car. However, while all of those are negative encounters, the bigger picture is positive. Those orange roadwork signs, hard hats, and orange vests indicate that your city is working to make the roads you drive every day better. The finished product is worth it.

After the work is complete, you will have the luxury of driving on a smooth, well-marked road. No more menacing potholes and disappearing yellow lines.

Roadwork also means that people are on the road working on the road. Human life is precious and something you should not take for granted. The individuals fixing the road are risking their lives by being present so close to where cars are driving. Therefore, it is essential to pay close attention to the roll up signs for construction notifying you that there are workers present.

The "Workers Present" sign is important to you for two reasons. First, you should take extra precautions when driving through that area. Workers could potentially be standing in or close to the lane in which you plan to drive. If you are not paying attention, you run the risk of accidentally hitting and injuring someone. These signs for construction will make you aware of the situation if and when workers are actually present at the site. Second, these signs let you know which area of the road the workers are fixing. For example, a sign might state "left lane closed ahead" letting you know that you will need to merge as soon as possible before the lane ends.

Fines for speeding in a construction zone can double, so disregarding the road signs could mean extra trouble and a bigger fine for you if caught by a law enforcement officer.

Types of Roll-Up Construction Signs

If you find yourself engaged in a project to make our roads better, don't forget to use Roll-Up Construction Signs to keep your team safe! Roll up construction signs come in various forms. You can purchase these construction zone safety products already complete with wording, or you can purchase a blank one and complete it with your personalized saying.

Roll up construction signs can also advise drivers that fresh oil is present or of a detour up ahead. We offer several different stand options for your sign, including a flex sign stand, stacker base, and a tripod. The different stands offer versatility based on your sign needs. The type of base you need will depend on the location you plan to use the sign and the height you will need the sign at.

A fold and roll sign system are also great for your roadwork team. The fold and roll sign system are incredibly compact and simple. This system does not require much room for storage and can be setup very quickly if needed. This will allow your team to spend more time getting the job done and less time figuring out how to setup the signage system.

Help keep your road workers safe and all drivers informed about construction zone safety by investing in a high-quality roll up construction signs.