Dornbos Safety Warning Signs Review

Posted by Jeffery Dornbos on 2nd Nov 2015

Safety Traffic Signs from Dornbos

watch for deer

When you need safety traffic signs you want to know that you’re buying the best. Dornbos Sign and Safety has been in the signage business for more than 60 years. In that time they have created an impressive collection of  warning signs including:

• Animal signs
• Crossing signs
• Train signs
• Road condition signs
• Weather condition signs
• And many more

Benefits of Using Dornbos Warning Signs

Warning signs from Dornbos are designed to offer the best protection for drivers. They do so by using 3M High Intensity Prismatic sheeting and 3M inks. These products have been found to offer superior visibility during stormy weather, at night and in areas where there are competing light sources.

The use of HIP signs ensures that drivers are able to recognize safety traffic signs more quickly and from farther away compared to the signs of competitors. The HIP Bicycle/Pedestrian sign is a perfect example of how the crisp icons created by 3M sheeting and inks can make even intricate designs discernable from a distance.

Product Specifications for Dornbos Safety Traffic Signs

Dornbos safety and warning signs are built to be durable and easy to install. In addition to 3M HIP sheeting, specifications include:

• Constructed of heavy gauge, durable aluminum that remains rust-free
• Comes with a 3M guarantee to provide at least 10 years of no-fade service
• Signs come with holes already drilled at top and bottom center for easy installation

From simple yet straightforward warning signs like the X-ING sign, to more specialized signs such as the black and yellow Elk HIP sign, the Dornbos collection has signage for just about every safety precaution.