Flexible Delineator Posts: Versatile and Durable

Flexible Delineator Posts: Versatile and Durable

22nd Mar 2018

Flexible delineator posts can promote and enhance safety on the roadway. There are many applications for these posts. They have been a great resource on high speed roadways as well as city streets. These posts provide more visibility than pavement markings. They are seen in HOV lanes, bike lanes, tunnels, gated bridges and areas with turn restrictions.

These posts are highly flexible, hence the name. They are anchored well at the bottom to be sturdy and durable. If these posts are hit by a vehicle, there should be minimal to no damage because of the material and design.

Flexible delineator posts have additional applications beyond just dividing lanes and keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe. They can also be used as guide posts, culvert markers, median crossings and mile markers. While it’s not a common occurrence for posts to come in contact with cars when they aren’t in the lanes, it’s certainly a possibility, especially in the case of accidents. Again, because of the design and material, these posts shouldn’t damage vehicles and should also be able to withstand a collision.

When these posts are used in permanent areas, mostly those that would be soil mounted, installation is relatively easy. Tools like a hand driver will work sufficiently. Some posts like these have a permanent soil mount with the flexibility to change out the actual post. Replacement of these is cost-effective, and necessary when the post is damaged or if the sign needs to communicate a different message.

Flexible delineator posts that are found on roadways are surface mounted. These posts have bases that are movable if the delineating of zones or lanes is temporary. Bases can then be reused as needed. Posts can be installed permanently on asphalt or concrete for long-term applications. Epoxy is the best adhesion chemical to use for these instances.

Transportation and highway departments find these posts to have tremendous versatility. They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to move, and they have high visibility, which is crucial for applications where safety is the biggest concern.

Delineator posts are made of polymers and plastics. They can withstand impacts and are seen day or night. They are cost-effective and improve safety daily. The Tuff Curb traffic separator is one of the best delineator posts available. It has maximum visibility and is resistant to UV-damage fading. The safety and durability of the Tuff Curb has been tested and meets federal standards. Learn more about the Tuff Curb.