Get a Jumpstart on Spring With Your Road Construction Jobs

Get a Jumpstart on Spring With Your Road Construction Jobs

8th Feb 2019

Get a Jumpstart on Spring With Your Road Construction Jobs

As the winter weather barrels on, construction contractors are awaiting the day when warm temperatures thaw the ground. When spring arrives it means that construction business will pick up. Work will move along at a faster pace, especially for those who work in highway construction. Whether your task is repairing U.S. highways, smaller freeways, or local roads in town, the job of the road construction worker is critical to the flow of traffic. The construction business is also a competitive industry with many contractors bidding for the job.

If you want to be successful in the construction industry, you must get ahead of the competition by working proactively. In other words, you need to plan and prepare for the warmer weather now. Here are tips to get a jumpstart so you're ready to make the most of a busy season.

Assess Your Signage

The  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends replacing old signage when they become worn, frayed, faded, or damaged. If you already have traffic signs, stands, and barricades on hand, now is a good time to check them over for evidence of wear and tear. This is especially important if you complete jobs at twilight or nighttime. If you are using signage that has a reflective coating, you want to ensure it is not peeling off, as well.

Order Construction Signs Early

Every construction crew needs to be stocked with a variety of road construction signs for the upcoming projects. Buying them now will ensure you get the first choice of signs. By ordering early, you can take your time to find the exact signs you need and get the amount you need as well. You will have them before the first of spring, so if any jobs come in early you’ll already be prepared. You can also have more time to invest additional effort in providing estimates for potential customers, work on marketing and advertising, and so on. This jumpstart on the season helps in more ways than one.

Know What Signs and Equipment Are Most Important to Have

While you’re stocking up on your signs, it’s important to get the most relevant ones that you’ll need for road work jobs. No contractor wants to get on the job only to find out that they don’t have the right sign or piece of equipment necessary. Here are some of the basic roadwork signs that you want to make sure to have:

Roll-Up Road Work Ahead

Make sure your roads have superior protection by investing in high-quality roll-up signs. Pedestrians, vehicles, and contractors will be safer with proper signage. Using “ Road Work Ahead ” roll-up signage allows vehicles adequate time to slow down and prepare to ensure the safety of the workers. The color of your sign is relevant, too. According to the United States Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, fluorescent orange “provides higher conspicuity than standard orange, especially during twilight.”

Type II & Type III Barricades

Most construction jobs require that you barricade a section of the road off completely.  Type II and type III barricades come in handy for these types of situations. Using a high intensity prismatic reflective barricade works well during the day or night. Heavy-duty barricade kits with iron feet will stand up against the wind. The type II barricades allow you to place a 10 lb. bag of sand in the hollow center for added stability. You can be sure these barricades won’t flop around in the wind.

Traffic Cones

Every road construction job needs several traffic cones.  Traffic cones are versatile and lightweight, which makes them perfect for construction work. The versatility of traffic cones allows you to use them in a variety of ways. Line them up to direct traffic away from a lane or put two or three in front of an area to block it off. You can also line these flexible, yet lightweight cones in two parallel rows to direct vehicles a certain way. Choose from 3 to 7 lb-cones with up to a 30 lb base for security. You also have the option to choose solid orange or orange with white reflective collars.

Sign Stands

Using the appropriate roll-up sign stand is essential to the stability of your road construction project. You want to ensure you have a solid base and sturdy legs so that your sign is secure in all conditions. Spring weather often brings wind and rain. If so, your signs may endure tumultuous conditions. The durability of your sign stands is of utmost importance, which means they need to be NCHRP 350 compliant, have steel legs, and be corrosion-resistant.

Sign Brackets and Hardware

Your  sign hardware and brackets are just as important as your sign stands. They ensure that your signs will stay firmly in place, won’t deteriorate, and are MUTCD-compliant. From a flared leg bracket to cross brackets for extruded street signs, each part of your traffic sign apparatus must conform to safety practices.

Work With a Reputable Sign Store

Finding a trusted traffic sign store will make your life easier. Streamline your business by securing the best, most durable, traffic signs, sign stands, barricades, and cones for those road construction jobs. Some qualities to look for when searching for the perfect place in which to do business are:

  • Quality products
  • Adhere to highway regulations and guidelines
  • NCHRP-350 compliant
  • MUTCD compliant
  • Options for reflective materials
  • Choices for fluorescent and standard orange colors
  • Sturdy bases and sign stands
  • As the winter months turn to spring, don’t be caught unprepared. Begin now to plan for the warm days of spring by ordering your traffic signs early. At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we are at the forefront of construction sign safety and compliance. Browse our website for a wide selection of everything you need for the construction business this spring. Contact us today for more information.