Get the Most Durable and Compliant Street Name Signs with FHWA Approval

Get the Most Durable and Compliant Street Name Signs with FHWA Approval

21st Dec 2022

Street name signs play an essential role in helping drivers find their way around. It is crucial that these signs are durable, reflect light for nighttime visibility, and meet strict compliance standards. Fortunately, there are street name signs available that fit all of these criteria. When considering street name signs, look for ones with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) approval and that are compliant with Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) standards.

The Benefits of MUTCD-Compliant Street Name Signs
MUTCD-compliant street name signs provide a variety of benefits. First and foremost, they assist drivers in navigation by providing information about the location’s road network layout, such as the direction they need to turn or which streets intersect each other. Furthermore, they can also help motorists identify the area’s roadways more quickly and easily by displaying street names in an orderly fashion. Finally, MUTCD-compliant street name signs offer increased safety by making it easier for drivers to accurately read and interpret the traffic control devices ahead.

Why Use FHWA-Approved Street Name Signs?
Street name signs that have been approved by the Federal Highway Administration also come with some distinct advantages when compared to standard signage solutions. For starters, these FHWA-approved products tend to be more durable than their non-approved counterparts because they are made from robust materials like aluminum or steel rather than plastic or wood. Additionally, many FHWA-approved street name signs feature reflective surfaces that improve nighttime visibility for drivers. This is especially important as most roadway accidents occur during hours of darkness when it is harder to see clearly while driving at night. Finally, FHWA-approved street name signs are designed to hold up against harsh weather conditions such as strong winds or snowfall so you can have peace of mind knowing your investments will last for years to come even in extreme climates.

When it comes to selecting street name signage for your roads and highways, consider products that have both MUTCD compliance and FHWA approval as they offer superior durability and visibility while meeting important safety requirements too. With this higher level of quality assurance you can rest assured your investment will continue paying dividends long into the future!