How Decorative Street Sign Posts Make Your Community Beautiful

How Decorative Street Sign Posts Make Your Community Beautiful

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 12th Jul 2016

You see street signs everywhere. Whether you’re driving around in your car or strictly the passenger, or perhaps if you avoid vehicles altogether and stick to walking or cycling about town—street signs can be spotted whichever way you look.

Street signs are necessary for navigation and organization. Drivers and pedestrians alike use them to find their way. But what about when you see decorative street sign posts? How good do you feel when you have decorative street sign posts holding the signs guiding you to your destination?

It’s not hard to guess that decorative street sign posts are just as functional as standard street sign posts—they just add a little elegance to the area in which they are. That’s why Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. offers a wide array of decorative street sign posts.

We work hard to meet the every need and desire of our customers. Plus, we want the signs we supply to our customers to improve the appearance and safety of the environment in which they stand. Let us tell you more about why we love decorative street sign posts.

Decorative Street Sign Posts are Functional and Attractive

Decorative street sign posts are a great addition to any neighborhood, street or town. They instantly boost the attraction of the area and make it seem fancy, expensive and well taken care of. Plus, we think they make drivers and pedestrians feel special and more welcomed in the neighborhood.

Moreover, they look great anywhere. We think they look especially great in touristy and historic parts of town. For example: near the beach, on campuses and in hip or artistic neighborhoods. Ultimately, it’s a great idea to utilize decorative street sign posts wherever there are a lot of people—so then you know that people see them and can appreciate their presence.

Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. Decorative Street Sign Posts

If you’re in the market for decorative street sign posts or accessories for decorative street sign posts, Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. has what you’re looking for. All of our sings are FHWA and NCHRP-350 crashworthy approved. Plus, we offer a wide variety in order to meet your every need:

  • 100 Series Decorative Post —2 3/8 round pole with cast aluminum Corinthian style base
  • 200 Series Decorative Post —3” round pole with cast aluminum Mediterranean style base
  • 300 Series Decorative Post —3” round pole with cast aluminum Traditional style fluted base
  • 400 Series Decorative Post —4” round pole with cast aluminum Traditional style base
  • 500 Series Decorative Post —4” round pole with cast aluminum Charleston style base
  • Decorative Sign Post with 30” stop sign and backer
  • Decorative Sign Post with 24” stop sign and backer
  • 200 Retro with logo —optional gold accents, 3” pole
  • Cross Arm Panel Frame Signs —4” fluted poles, pineapple finials, 4” stand off rings and 1/4” sign panel
  • Wayfinding Signs —6” x 30” paddle blades, 3” post (directional street signs)
  • Blade holders —display logo optional, 6” x 30” or 9” x 36”
  • Decorative Mailboxes
  • Decorative post hanging brackets

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