How Highly Reflective Street Signs Make Your City Safer

How Highly Reflective Street Signs Make Your City Safer

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 22nd Dec 2015

How Highly Reflective Street Signs Make Your City Safer

We all know how important street signs are for maintaining the safety of the general public. Whether the signs are meant to caution pedestrians or drivers, they’re crucial to have on streets of all locations.

Highly reflective street signs enhance safety since the reflective coating bounces the light from the headlights of a vehicle back towards the vehicle’s driver, allowing them to easily spot the sign. The following are some ways in which these signs provide protection for roadways.

Highway Safeguards

In many ways, highly reflective road signs protect highway drivers at all hours of the day and night. Highway drivers generally travel at very high speeds, which makes the strategic placement of reflective signs necessary to caution these drivers of what to expect, ahead of time.

In addition, these signs are great during unexpected situations. For instance, if a streetlight is burnt out on a highway during darker hours, a highly reflective sign will warn incoming drivers of any necessary moves they should make before reaching the darker area.

Construction Work Warning

Let’s face it. We live in a fast-growing world, which translates into an increase in construction projects in namely urban areas. Whether a construction zone is located on a regular street or by a highway road, highly reflective street signs are necessary to alert drivers of roadwork ahead.

The proper placement of such signs will keep both drivers and construction workers safe. As drivers are notified of roadwork, they’ll also be able to choose alternative routes ahead of time, instead of rushing at the last minute as they near a construction site, and risk getting into an accident.

Capability to Withstand All Weather Conditions

Highly reflective street signs come in handy during even the most extreme weather conditions that can sometimes be unexpected for drivers. Even if a motorist is close enough to a sign to see it, sometimes weather conditions like fog, rain, hail and snow can hinder their vision to the point where a sign can be missed.

Low sun and overcast conditions most commonly obstruct a driver’s ability to spot street signs, which is why it’s preferred to have highly reflective signs, that can be seen in such instances. These signs are especially helpful for averting roadway departure collisions.

Quality Signs for Safer Cities

Reflective signs that can fully serve their purpose of protecting your community must be coated with quality. The retro-reflectivity of these signs can deteriorate over time due to conditions mentioned above.

That’s why it’s crucial to get high quality, durable signs with long-lasting reflective coating. You’ll find that at Dornbos Sign and Safety, Inc. We use 3M reflective sheeting on a variety of our signs, and also carry an assortment of reflective products that can be purchased separately. Some of these products include:

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