How Neighborhood Watch and Surveillance Signs Make Us Safer

How Neighborhood Watch and Surveillance Signs Make Us Safer

7th Feb 2020

How Signs Make Our Neighborhoods Safer

Looking to increase safety and security in your subdivision or neighborhood? You’re in the right place. There are a number of ways you can secure your neighborhood from home security systems to neighborhood watch groups. If you are looking to take it a step further— high visible reflective signage is an excellent way to let people entering your neighborhood know the members of your community are vigilant. Vibrant reflective signs posted at the entries of your subdivision can help deter unwanted criminals from causing trouble in your community.

neighborhood surveillance signs

Keeping Your Neighborhood Safe

Unfortunately, there is no universally safe neighborhood. But there are programs residents can put in place to increase the safety of their streets and homes. Neighborhood watch groups are a great way to let everyone know that people are looking out for each other.

Neighborhood watch programs work when residents are actively involved and create a sense of a collective presence. Signs work too, but they have to be high-quality and in good shape or they don’t do much to deter criminals. We make our high-quality and rust-free aluminum neighborhood watch and surveillance signs with 3M reflective sheeting and can add a protective overlay film to protect them against graffiti.

What these signs convey to potential criminals is up to you. We offer an array of signs for you and your neighborhood watch group to choose from.

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You can get the same effect with signs on your personal property. A recent study has shown there are two types of burglars: impulsive and deliberate. The majority of criminals are impulsive—they want the easiest win possible. This study also showed a surveillance sign will likely cause them to find another mark.

You can choose the neighborhood watch or surveillance sign that best fits your intention and the exterior of your house or business.

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Trust Only the Best

Here at Dornbos Sign & Safety, Inc. your satisfaction is important to us. As a small family-owned business, we make customer service our number one priority. We have been manufacturing traffic signs for over 60 years at our shop in Michigan using materials made in the USA . Look out for other online sellers offering cheap plastic signs that don’t hold up against the outdoor elements. Our signs are designed with you in mind so you can put it up once and not worry about yearly maintenance.

If you would like a sign but aren’t sure what you need as far as size or material, give us a call! We would be happy to discuss your signage needs and make a recommendation that works well for you. Why wait? Reach out today and improve the security of your neighborhood with high quality reflective signage.

You can reach us here or at 1-800-922-0029.