How Signs Promote Community Safety

How Signs Promote Community Safety

1st Sep 2020

Signs are one of the most effective ways to promote safety in your community. The reason? Some of the biggest threats to community safety are reckless, distracted, or confused drivers. This puts children, the elderly, bicyclists, and everyone else in the community at risk. Thankfully, you can prevent road accidents by ensuring that your town has the appropriate signs up where they're needed.

Here are a few different types of signs that should be included in every community safety plan.

Warning, Regulatory, and Traffic Signs

Warning signs are essential to letting drivers know what to look out for as they drive through your town. This includes warning signs about animal crossings, school zones, children playing, railroads, incoming objects, and dead ends.

Though you may already have regulatory signs, such as stop, yield, and direction signs, you should ensure that they're all reflective and highly visible, as they can become worn-out over time.

You should also have an inventory of Charlotte traffic signs on standby, especially if there's roadwork being done in your community. This includes hand-held signs and paddles for workers to direct traffic, as well as signs for detours, loose gravel, workers ahead, and any others you feel are relevant.

Clear and Visible Street Signs

Having well-placed, accurate, and visible Michigan address or street signs will help prevent drivers from becoming confused or misdirected. This is an easy way to ensure that nobody is driving the wrong way down the incorrect street or missing their turn late at night.

The current street and address signs in your community may need to be replaced if they've been damaged due to an accident or harsh weather conditions, or if there's an issue with the reflective film. That film is necessary for drivers to see the sign at night, so prioritize ordering new custom signs if you feel that your current ones could pose a safety hazard.

Solar LED Signs

Solar LED signs are a great way to make both intersections and crosswalks safer in your community. There are LED signs that are lit up only at night for visibility, those that flash on and off repeatedly, and ones you can customize using a timer to suit your individual needs.

The solar LED feature is an innovative addition to some of our most essential signs, including railroad, pedestrian, do not enter, bicycle, school, and traffic control signs. They're more visible than the average sign, adding an extra layer of safety for drivers, road workers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Consider ordering custom solar LED signs, especially in areas that you feel are the most dangerous for drivers. This simple change will go a long way in promoting safe, responsible, and attentive driving in your community.

Choose Quality for Long-Term Security

Dornbos Sign & Safety is a sign manufacturer proudly based in Charlotte, Michigan. We manufacture our own Michigan construction signs, address signs, LED signs, and every other type of durable sign you need to promote safety in your community. Each is expertly crafted with high-quality materials, built to last you years longer than the cheap, unreliable signs made in bulk overseas.

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