How the Amazing JackJaw Post Puller Saves Your Back and Your Money

How the Amazing JackJaw Post Puller Saves Your Back and Your Money

2nd Jan 2018

When your workers pull posts out of the ground, the last thing you want is for them to become injured. Not only will your employees lose valuable time on the job, but you’ll have to pay to train a replacement while they recover. Then, there’s the inevitable workers’ compensation claim. You can avoid all that trouble with a mere 450-dollar investment in a high-quality post puller.

The JackJaw post puller gives you and your employees a huge mechanical advantage when you pull old posts out. In fact, the way it works, you won’t have to pull at all—keeping your back straight and avoiding strain.

With the JackJaw, You Push—Not Pull—the Post

The genius behind the JackJaw is that you never have to pull on the post. With this machine, all you have to do is push. The JackJaw 300 converts the downforce into upward force as you push, amplifies the force 16 times your effort, and pulls the post up with 16 times your pushing force. For example, if you exert a 50-pound push, you’ll push the post upward with 800 pounds of force. For a larger, stronger person who can exert 100 pounds of pushing force, the post will pop out of the ground as if you pulled with 1,600 pounds of force—humanly impossible, even for Olympic athletes.

The Fast, Safe, and Easy Way to Pull Signposts

The 16-to-one mechanical advantage saves your back from the overuse injuries that can occur from the strain from pulling posts out by hand or with other tools. You won’t have to resort to the cost of renting a tractor to pull up the signposts or renting other, more expensive tools. One JackJaw 300 can do it all. For well under 500 dollars, you can own a tool that can serve you again and again with its effective pulling power.

Quality Steel Construction, Effective Performance Every Time

With its all-steel construction, the JackJaw sign post remover grips posts tightly, pulling them out with only a few pumps of its handle. The tight grip and 16-to-one mechanical advantage avoid the slipping that causes back strain when you use other tools. Its heavy-duty steel construction ensures that your JackJaw tool will last for a long time. Designed, patented, and manufactured in the United States to strict manufacturing standards, the JackJaw post extractor will never let you down with defective materials or construction.

Patented Mechanism Allows Reuse, Saving You Money

The JackJaw works using a jaw and lever combination that allows workers to pull posts and stakes straight out of the ground without any bending or warping. This means you can use these posts again and again, saving even more money. You’ll never have to double up on labor to pull out posts. Never again will you have to use a tractor or Bobcat to pull up your signposts. You can even pull out tilted posts, thanks to the JackJaw’s ability to pull as long as you can align it with the post.

Lightweight, yet Rugged

A breakthrough in sign extraction technology, the JackJaw only weighs 21 pounds, yet can exert 1,600 pounds of upward force—as well as a 3,200-pound gripping force with only a 100-pound push. Its small size and light weight make it easy to transport to every job site. It’s as easy to assemble as it is easy to use. With its clear chromate and zinc plating, you’ll not have to worry about its paint chipping. This plating also provides resistance against corrosion, even under some of the most demanding conditions.

Order Your JackJaw 300 Sign Post Puller Today

With all these advantages, you owe it to yourself to avoid costly injuries and equipment rental costs by buying this state-of-the-art tool. Order a JackJaw 300 from Dornbos Sign today.