How to Create Custom Street Name Signs

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 17th May 2016

Street names can appear to be everything from unique to common, long or short, simple or difficult to spell and/or highly meaningful. With so many different street names, installing custom street name signs that make it easy to spot them is the best way to ensure their visibility.

Custom street name signs make the case for being the most straightforward and accurate way to capture the names of the streets in your area. Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc. of Charlotte, MI can produce all of the custom street signs you need for your city, town or area. We offer high quality custom street name signs, strong customer service and competitive prices to give our customers the best possible value.

Design and Produce High Quality Custom Street Name Signs

Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc. can help you and your community design and produce the perfect custom street name sign to meet your area’s needs. All of our signs are highly durable and are built to last for many years, while offering visibility from various angles.

At Dornbos, you can choose between two styles: flat or extruded. Our signs can be ordered in sizes ranging between 24” x 6” and 48” x 9” on a flat blade sign with or without a white border. We also carry many color choices for your custom street name signs including:

●Green and White

●Blue and White

●Red and White

●White and Black

●Brown and White

●Black and White

The lettering size on these signs ranges from 4”-6,” with the entire text displayed in capital letters. You can also insert the exact name of your street into our online ordering system and add directional prefixes (N, E, S, SW, etc.) and/or suffixes like Ave, Rd or Pkwy to make sure your sign(s) are perfectly suited for your area.

Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc. uses 3M High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting on all our signs for increased durability and visibility. At only $24.50/each, you can afford to purchase new signs whenever the time comes to replace your existing signs.

Quality Is Always on the Forefront

Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc. of Charlotte, Michigan, has been a leader in designing and producing all types of street and parking signs for more than 50 years. We manufacture top-quality traffic and parking signs using only premium materials, and we offer competitive prices and wholesale discounts whenever possible.

When you partner with Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc., you can be confident that you are getting the best available traffic and parking signs available, and that these signs will stand the test of time. We can manufacture regulatory signs that are within regulations, parking signs that stand out, neighborhood watch and surveillance signs, as well as custom street name signs.

Our team is also happy to customize any project and stand ready to answer any questions you may have about signs, hardware, accessories or placing an order. Contact us today for more information.