How to Keep Your Sign Upright and in Place

How to Keep Your Sign Upright and in Place

12th Feb 2021

For a sign to be effective, it needs to stay upright and in place. This can be challenging if you purchase cheap signs or live in an area with occasionally difficult weather conditions. Thankfully, there are several methods of how to keep signs from falling over . To keep signs in place, we recommend these helpful products:

Mounting Hardware and Brackets

Sign mounting hardware and brackets are key to ensuring that your sign stays in place for years to come. Here at Dornbos Sign and Safety, we carry a wide range of mounting hardware and brackets in various shapes and sizes. This selection makes it possible for you to find the perfect mounting products for your sign's unique size and type.

All of our mounting hardware and brackets are high-quality, up to date, and fully MUTCD-compliant. We have breakaway bolts, sign saver backing plates, jumbo cross brackets, wing brackets, cab brackets, and much more.


Portable Sign Bases

Our sign bases are lightweight enough to be portable yet heavy enough to hold your sign in place. This convenient solution allows you to move your signs with ease, which is considerably more difficult for those using cinderblocks or other heavy objects to weigh down their signs.

You'll have no trouble finding the right sign base for your sign, as we carry them in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Our colors include red, yellow, blue, black, and silver. You can order your base as a subtle square or a round pedestal. You could also opt for our hexagonal, pyramid, or octagon stands.

Some of our bases give you the option to fill them up yourself with gravel, concrete, water, or sand, our personal recommendation. If you're concerned that your sign may still lack the weight and stability it needs to withstand some unusually harsh weather conditions, we recommend a bag of our Sign Base Gel, which you can apply to the bottom of our bases.


Rigid Sign Posts

Signposts made of wood or plastic are unlikely to last when exposed to difficult weather conditions. That's why we exclusively offer rigid metal sign posts made with American steel. These signposts are built to withstand everything, from turbulent storms to potential collisions.

These durable sign posts weigh about 2-3 lbs per foot and come in a wide variety of lengths to suit your needs. We currently offer our signposts in silver and green but you can reach out to us for special color quotes.


Buy Mounting Hardware Online with Dornbos

If you're looking for signposts, mounting hardware, brackets, and sign bases in Michigan, Dornbos Sign and Safety has just what you need. With over 60 years of experience as an independent, family-owned sign business , we know how important it is that signs stay upright. That's why we offer durable, strong, American-made hardware that can withstand various harsh weather conditions.

Our friendly team would be happy to answer any questions you have about our signs, our mounting hardware, or anything else. You can contact us at your convenience by emailing, calling 1- 800-922-0029, or through our online form.