How to Make a Sign Highly Visible

How to Make a Sign Highly Visible

15th Feb 2021

If your signs can't be seen at nighttime or during difficult weather conditions, what's the point in having them? Whether you're in charge of a construction site or a university campus, you should exclusively be using highly visible signs . Ensuring signs are visible is essential to keeping both drivers and pedestrians safe and informed .

But what gives signs their visibility? How can you increase the visibility of signs you've already purchased or enhance the signs you buy in the future? We have the answers to those questions below:

Post Reflectors

Post reflectors are highly reflective panels with pre-punched mounting holes that can be attached to your signs. These panels are typically made using heavy-duty aluminum and 3M reflective material, the latter of which we'll elaborate on in a moment.

Post reflectors are used to draw more attention to signs, but they're also sometimes attached to mailboxes and used to identify driveways, basketball hoops, and boat docks in the dark. They can be purchased striped or non-striped in multiple different colors and sizes to accommodate your signs. There are several benefits to using post reflectors – they're inexpensive and very easy to install.


LED Lights

LED lights are a highly effective way of making your signs more visible and your intersections and crosswalks safer for everyone. Here at Dornbos, we sell traffic and warning signs with flashing LED lights that can be seen from far away, even in the dark. Unsure as to how you'd power these LED lights? When you order from us, you have the choice between both solar-powered and AC-powered lights.

What sets these LED light signs apart is our (IWS) Intelligent Warning System. The IWS, paired with optional timers and push-button controls, offers you more control to ensure your signs are flashing exactly when you want them to.


Using Reflective Materials

A key aspect of any highly visible sign is the materials it's made of. That's why we here at Dornbos Sign and Safety only use extremely reflective and durable materials when making our signs, the most notable being 3M High-Intensity Prismatic and 3M Diamond Grade. By using these top-of-the-line reflective materials, our signs have an added visibility that's hard to get elsewhere online for a fair price.

3M Diamond Grade sheeting is particularly impressive as it uses full-cube prismatic technology to reflect a significant amount of light back from its source. Its eye-catching fluorescence is perfect for warning drivers of upcoming hazards, especially at nighttime. Needless to say, the cheap plastic used to make other signs you can buy online simply can't compete.

Post Reflectors

Buy Highly Visible Signs Online

If you've wondered how to make signs more visible, Dornbos Sign and Safety is the store for you. This independent, family-owned sign business in Charlotte, Michigan sells post reflectors, LED lights, and other accessories that make your sign impossible to miss. That being said, our signs are already very vibrant as they're made with the highest quality 3M Diamond Grade reflective material.

Dornbos is the best place online to purchase American-made signs that are visible, even at nighttime or in harsh weather conditions. If you have any questions about our signs, shipping, or anything else, please feel free to reach out to us by emailing, calling 1-800-922-0029, or through our online form.