Key features of durable signposts, bases, and hardware

Key features of durable signposts, bases, and hardware

Posted by Mia on 25th Apr 2022

Key features of durable signposts, bases, and hardware

Your sign is only as durable as the signpost, base, and installation hardware. Protect your investment from the elements and civil commotion by looking for these key features.

Sign Posts

The right sign post will help your sign stand straight and tall for years to come. In contrast, the wrong sign post can bend, warp, and corrode.

We highly recommend choosing a U-channel sign posts. The uniquely rigid shape was engineered to withstand long-term exposure to the elements and the occasional impact, so you can rest assured knowing your sign will stay upright for years.

Another essential feature is the material. Galvanized steel is the ultimate choice. Not only is it extremely robust, but thanks to the specialized manufacturing process, it’s protected from chips and rust. We use all American steel in our US-made sign post for the highest industry standard of quality and reliability.

Sign bases

There are two main types of sign bases: permanent and portable. Both need to be strong enough to allow for easy and long-lasting display and prevent leans and falls.

In addition, permanent bases must be tough enough to hold up against harsh weather conditions over long periods – again, rust-resistant galvanized steel is a fantastic choice. At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we leverage a U-channel design that, when paired with breakaway hardware, is a time-saver. When installed, the sign post base remains fixed to the concrete while the hardware at the top of the post can be replaced. Easy.

Portable sign bases need to be solid and stable, yet a breeze to move around and transport. Our Octagon and Pyramid bases are compatible with sign base gel, allowing you to dynamically increase and decrease their weight to suit changing conditions.

Sign hardware

Effective signs must stay put after installation – sounds simple, but with cheap or incompatible hardware, signs can fast become loose and even fall entirely.

Our diverse selection of sign hardware and mounting brackets empower you to find the perfect fitting for the job. You’ll discover backing plates, vandal-resistant nuts, wing brackets, corner bolts, and more. If you can’t locate the piece you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team can help you get your hands on the top-tier hardware you need.

Plus, when you purchase sign installation accessories from us, you can be confident your hardware is MUTCD-compliant.

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