Manual Of Uniform Traffic Control Devices - (MUTCD)

Manual Of Uniform Traffic Control Devices - (MUTCD)

9th May 2018

The  Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) dictates the specifications of all traffic related signage. The MUTCD is a federal document so it applies to all states. However, not all states adhere strictly to the MUTCD guidelines.

A total of 23 states plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico use the MUTCD with no adjustments. Another 20 states use the MUTCD along with a supplemental volume. The remaining seven states have a state version that is substantially compliant to the MUTCD. Large cities like New York city have their own localized version to address their unique traffic and safety needs.

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Types of signage and differences

Understanding how states supplement, or even create their own standards, in addition to what the MUTCD dictates can be tricky at first. There are several categories of signs described in the MUTCD. There are multiple differences from state to state within each category. Here are some examples from each of the categories that have deviations.

R-Series: Regulatory

These  Regulatory Signs deal with stop, yield, speed, lane usage, movement and other on-road regulations. Because not all situations are covered in the MUTCD, states have created their own signage to address these situations. These include “Do Not Enter,” “One Way,” “Speed Limit” and parking.

S-Series: Schools

The MUTCD requires all  school signage to have fluorescent yellow-green backgrounds. That standard is across all states. Some states have their own warning related signage.

W-Series: Warning

The  W-series signs serve as a notification to drivers for road features like curves, bumps, bicycle lanes, pedestrians, rail crossings and construction zones. Because roadways exist in many different environments, there is the need for more state-specific signage so that the warnings are tailored to the possible challenges on that particular road.

Guide Signs

State Specific Traffic, Parking and Street Signs at Wholesale Prices

Guide signs include highway route markers, street signs, mile markers and exit signs, and they are most commonly found on interstates. Most of these signs, typically in green, are homogeneous across all states. State markers are unique in that states select their own marker shapes.

Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc. Offers Compliant Signage at Wholesale Prices

We offer 5052.080 aluminum with 3M™ High Intensity Prismatic vinyl, which offers long-term durability and reflectivity. With a prismatic construction, it offers the best in reflection capability, enhancing visibility and safety.

We also offer 3M Diamond Grade™ sheeting. This material has twice the brightness over standard sign sheeting. Its “full-cube” or diamond microprisms have high efficiency, reflecting almost all light that hits them. This improves safety for night driving.

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