MUTCD & FHWA signs. (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices & Federal Highway Administration.

MUTCD & FHWA signs. (Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices & Federal Highway Administration.

Posted by Mia on 11th Sep 2022

Protect your community with MUTCD-compliant traffic control signs

Traffic control devices, including signs, play a critical role in safeguarding motorists and pedestrians on and around the road. That’s why the design of traffic signs is regulated nationwide, ensuring drivers, motorcyclists, bike riders, and walkers are informed and protected wherever they are.

The standards for all traffic control devices across the United States are governed by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). At Dornbos Sign Inc., we manufacture high-quality, MUTCD-compliant traffic signs that city and county road agencies can rely on to protect their local communities.

What is the MUTCD?

The MUTCD is a series of national standards and guidance that ensures traffic control devices are legible, effective, and uniform across the country. The manual outlines the use of messaging, shapes, colors, sizes, and sign locations, all of which have been carefully designed to minimize the risk of traffic collisions, accidents, and congestion.

The MUTCD is the product of years of experimentation and research, which cumulate to produce traffic control devices that are readily understood, highly legible, visible, and recognizable. The manual changes and evolves with new findings and contemporary safety issues.

Why is traffic sign uniformity important?

Almost 50,000 people lost their lives on the road in the United States in 2021. Improving and maintaining road safety is of paramount importance, and uniformity in traffic sign design and use is an essential aspect of this process. For this reason, all public agencies and the owners of private roads that are open to public travel must use the MUTCD to ensure nationwide uniformity.

In addition to protecting road users, the MUTCD reduces capital and maintenance costs for public agencies. It also empowers innovators to bring their new devices to the nation. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) has a robust process in place to incorporate new traffic control solutions, which includes the involvement of both the public and Federal Register rule-making activities.

The MUTCD is the law. Non-compliance can result in significant penalties, including the loss of federal-aid funds and an increase in tort liability.

Who must follow standards set by the MUTCD?

Individuals and entities required to meet MUTCD standards include:

Academic institutions

Construction and engineering organizations

Incident management personnel

Law enforcement agencies

Owners of private roads that are open to public travel

Private industry

Public officials

State and local highway agencies

Why trust Dornbos Sign Inc. with your MUTCD-compliant signs?

Our made-in-the-USA signs and traffic control devices are MUTCD-compliant, which means all city and county road agencies can shop with confidence knowing their signs are effective and legal on city, county, and state roadways. In addition, our street name signs are compliant with state specifications.

We are committed to exceptional quality and longevity, and our signs are manufactured right here in our Charlotte, Michigan facility. Our dynamic collection of compliant traffic signs features 3M high-intensity Prismatic Reflective and Diamond Grade VIP and DG3 Reflective materials for reliable visibility at night and in low-light and poor-weather conditions. Our signs are crafted from approved 0.080 rust-proof aluminum, ensuring they can cope with years of exposure to the elements.

Even better? We offer our signs at a competitive price point, so you can safeguard your community without going over your budget.

Buy MUTCD-compliant traffic control devices today

If your roadways are in need of a traffic sign upgrade, browse our collection of compliant traffic control devices today. From stop signs to speed limit and warning signs and everything in between, we have what you need to serve your community. And, if you can’t find what you’re looking for, ask us about our customization options.