MUTCD Street Name Signs Reflect Well for Gifts

MUTCD Street Name Signs Reflect Well for Gifts

29th Oct 2018

If you are seeking a unique gift this holiday season, an MUTCD sign is right up your street. MUTCD stands for “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” – an instructional guide that sets the standard on street sign layouts and designs. This manual is provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration, and governs all signs that you see on neighborhood streets and highways on a daily basis.

Play It Safe

The idea of gifting this type of sign is a great for anyone who wants to offer a unique and customized gift to a friend or family member. The signs themselves are designed with safety in mind, and are reflective so that they can be spotted by emergency personnel wherever they are installed – this also means that they remain extremely visible when provided as a novelty gift.

The personalized street signs are made to MUTCD specifications and look just like official signs on roads and highways. Who says authentic can't also be fun?

Personalized Sign Features

These reflective and premium signs feature a street name on either side and are made of a rust-proof aluminum. Signs are sure to be noticed, even at night, thanks to 3M high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting.

A Fun and Handy Locator

Whether you give the street sign as a gift to yourself or someone else, you will find that it is a handy and fun way to note your location. You can mark a cottage, barn, driveway, or similar site with this popular street indicator. Personalize the sign with a memorable street name. Add your family name or choose a name that identifies the locale.

For example, you may choose the street name, “Jones Avenue” or “Smith Street,” or you may add a distinctive name, such as “Squeezepenny Lane.” Another inventive name might be “Lois Lane,” for a friend who like “Superman” movies, or “Butter and Egg Drive,” for a family member who likes to bake.

Hotel California Drive

Customize a sign to commemorate a favorite song or install a sign that simply uses the owner’s first name. For example, you might simply label the sign, “Mary Avenue” or personalize the marker with a song name, such as “Hotel California,” Drive.

Maybe you are giving the sign to a newly married couple. If so, you might label the display “Love Bird Lane.” Whatever you select in a name, you will find that this sign is as durable as it is fun to install. If you want to make gift-giving easy—whether it is for family members and friends, or just a little gift for yourself—this is the ideal item to choose.