Optimal Methods for Mounting Street and Parking Signs

Optimal Methods for Mounting Street and Parking Signs

Posted by Jeffrey Dornbos on 7th Apr 2016

Optimal Methods for Mounting Street and Parking Signs

Have you noticed that when you’re in the market for street signs and parking signs, you become more aware of how many signs are on the roads? If you actually count the signs as you drive down any given highway, you’d be amazed at how quickly the number of signs adds up.

Most of the street signs located on every street and in every parking area are necessary for maintaining safety, as is the need for properly mounting and installing these street and parking signs. Here are a few tips for having an efficient sign installation.

Be Sure Your Street Signs and Parking Signs Meet Regulations

Before you purchase street signs, you’ll want to ensure that you follow the guidelines that relate to standard highway signs and markings as set by the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The regulations govern a large number and wide range of signs, which you can find by visiting https://mutcd.fhwa.dot.gov/ser-shs_millennium.htm.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) dictates certain requirements that cover parking lots and signage in parking areas. The following site will give you a place to start to be sure your parking lot and parking signage meet all ADA requirements. https://adata.org/factsheet/parking

Determine Placement for Your Street Sign

The exact placement of your street or parking sign will, of course, be dependent upon the purpose of the sign and the direction from which drivers or pedestrians are approaching. Typically, street signs are located on the right side of the street and at a distance that gives adequate time to be seen and for people to respond.

Choose the Right Signposts for Your Street and Parking Signs

As you can see from our wide selection of signposts , there are various sizes and types of posts for signs that are available. Depending on the purpose of each particular sign, you may need a highly durable signpost that is FHWA & NCHRP-350 crashworthy approved, or a plastic signpost for flexibility and portability.

Another major determinant of your signpost will be the type of surface where the sign is to be installed. Concrete and soil are the most common surfaces. Dornbos Sign & Safety offers a selection of heavy duty post drivers that are designed to help you install your signpost with ease.

Heavy Duty Sign Mounting Hardware is the Key to Properly Mounting Street Signs

While sign mounting hardware consists of small pieces, it is important that you choose the highest quality, heavy duty metal sign brackets and hardware for mounting your signs. Street signs and parking signs are attached to the signposts using heavy brackets with pre-drilled holes.

Vandal resistant bolts and nuts are the best bet for long-lasting mounted signs that will stay secure for years to come. Using our simple and inexpensive nylon washers will protect your signs from wear that can be caused by aging and rusted bolts.

Get Help with Installing Your Street Signs & Parking Signs

We understand that the details involved in installing and mounting signs can be overwhelming, and we are happy to assist you with your sign and sign hardware purchase. Contact Dornbos Sign & Safety today and our friendly experts will walk you through the entire ordering process.s