Product Review of Custom Street Signs

Posted by Jeffery Dornbos on 11th Sep 2014

custom sign

If your neighborhood or community is in need of custom street signs, shop at Dornbos Sign Inc., where you will find a wide variety of street sign options that can be fully customized to meet your needs. All signs are made out of premium 3M reflective sheeting and aluminum materials to provide customers with the highest-quality signs on the market. With careful attention to detail and quality, you can be sure that you are getting the very best custom street sign when you purchase from Dornbos Sign Inc. No matter what type of community you live in, you are sure to benefit from street signs that anyone and everyone can see with ease.

About Custom Street Signs

When searching for custom street name signs, look no further than Dornbos Sign Inc. This industry leader can create the perfect personalized sign for you at nearly any length. Each high intensity prismatic sign purchased includes a 10 year guarantee, an excellent feature that many other custom sign companies do not offer. Along with high-quality products, customers can take advantage of competitive everyday prices whether they are shopping for one road sign or multiple road signs to place within the streets in their neighborhood.

All custom road signs are made from .080 aluminum, but can be made with other materials if desired. Each custom made sign meets MUTCD and FHWA regulations and is designed to provide drivers with more visibility when looking for a specific street. This can be extremely beneficial for emergency response teams that are trying to quickly find a particular destination.

Product Specs and Design

Your custom outdoor sign is available in sizes such as 6", 8", 9" and 12". Lettering is available in 4", 6" and 8" sizes. Whether you prefer all uppercase lettering or both uppercase and lowercase lettering, Dornbos is able to complete your custom sign just the way that you would like it. In addition to the standard high intensity prismatic custom road signs, you may also opt to purchase diamond grade signs. These road signs come with 12 year 3M lifespan and are designed to be about 3 times brighter than high intensity prismatic street signs. Signs are also available with background colors such as green, blue, brown and white. By using reflective materials in each street sign, Dornbos helps to reduce potential accidents caused by drivers looking for street sign names in the dark as well as improve your neighborhood’s traffic flow. Reach your destinations easily, safely and quickly when looking at signs from Dornbos Sign Inc.

In addition to custom street name signs, Dornbos Sign Inc. also specializes in regulatory signs, parking signs, warning signs, safety products and more. Find all of your sign needs when shopping here.