Property Protection Signage: No Trespassing and Video Surveillance Signs Enhance Security

Property Protection Signage: No Trespassing and Video Surveillance Signs Enhance Security

10th Jun 2019

Many homeowners and landowners are concerned about trespassing. This could be because you live in an area with a lot of foot traffic or are near a public park or entertainment venue. People also have concerns about trespassers out in rural areas, especially during hunting season.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to place signage on your property to deter unwanted guests from getting too close and hopefully deter crime. That’s why many people are interested in no trespassing and property protected by video surveillance signs.

Posting these types of signs gives any passerby notification that their unlawful approach to your property would be considered trespassing. With a video surveillance sign, you’re notifying them that cameras are recording in the area. Some states do have rules about how to post no trespassing signs on your property while others do not.

When selecting property protection signage, ensure that you choose signs that deliver the exact message and will be the correct size and color to be easily noticeable. The more visible they are, the more likely they are to do their job and keep strangers away.

No Trespassing Signs

You have several possibilities when choosing a no trespassing sign. Most of these signs feature red since most people equate that with stopping. There are many wording variations. The wording choices include private property, violators will be prosecuted, and danger. Signs may be an octagon like a stop sign, a square, or a rectangle. Other variations of no trespassing signs relate to indicating that the area entered is a private drive or private road with no turn around.

Each no trespassing sign is made of high-quality materials. They are built to withstand the elements and hold up for years to come.

Video Surveillance Sign Options

There are a variety of no trespassing video surveillance signs. Some include the header words “notice” or “warning.” Most of these signs include an image of a video camera.

These signs are fairly serious in nature and should alert those who walk past that they are approaching private property. If you care to be more humorous about the situation, you can opt for a smile you’re on camera sign with a smiley face.

Enhance the security of your property today by purchasing a no trespassing or video surveillance sign. For a small investment, you can bolster the protection for your home significantly.