Put Bright, Versatile Traffic Cones to Work

Put Bright, Versatile Traffic Cones to Work

2nd Jan 2018

Those bright, reflective traffic cones you see along construction zones on the freeway aren’t just to divert drivers away from work zones. These vibrant orange markers have a variety of uses—not only for traffic. Their low cost, bright color, and rugged construction make them a good fit for a lot of needs. Here are just a few of the ways you can put traffic cones to work for you:

Mark off Potholes or Other Parking Lot Hazards

Come springtime, companies with private parking lots often discover that winter has left a few potholes in its wake. While they take bids on repairs, they need to protect their customers from these hazards. A few low-cost traffic cones with tape or rope draped around them create an easily seen barrier to keep drivers from damaging their cars in these hard-to-see holes.

Warn Customers about Slippery Spots

The last thing you want is for your customers to slip and fall while they’re at your establishment. That’s bound to leave a bad taste in their mouth, especially if they get hurt. It could even result in a lawsuit. To avoid these kinds of situations, keep a few traffic cones in your utility closet to mark slippery areas on your floors or sidewalks. You can even tape a temporary sign to the cone, such as “Wet Floors—Caution” or “Caution—Ice.”

Create Pedestrian Traffic Zones during Special Events

If your organization holds high-interest events, such as concerts, sports events, or plays at which only ticketed patrons can enter the venue, traffic cones, together with tape or rope and a few security guards, can keep the paid ticket holders away from those onlookers who might otherwise try to sneak in the door.

Help New Drivers Master Parking and Maneuverability Skills

Nearly every state in the United States has either a parallel parking, a maneuverability test, or both. Some test drivers on their ability to pull up to a stop line without even their bumper going over it. Most testing facilities use traffic cones to mark off the target area. Whether you’re a driver education provider or a parent of a new driver, it builds confidence when testers can practice with the same kinds of cones that the state’s department of motor vehicles uses on the real test.

Find out what kind of cones your testing facility uses and purchase some for your student or teen. Bring home a copy of the state’s manual and use the given measurements and diagrams to construct your own course. Watch on with pride as your new driver’s confidence soars with every practice session!

Create Courses for Sports Competitions and Practice

Quite a few equestrian and canine sports use traffic cones during competition. Whether it’s equestrian stake or pole bending races, canine agility, or horse carriage competitions in which carriage drivers have to negotiate a course marked by narrowly set cones, these brightly colored markers add to the excitement as the animals weave through the cones, testing their agility and speed as they race to the finish.

Four-legged athletes aren’t the only ones who can benefit from traffic cones. Human athletes, too, can benefit from training that uses cones. Beginning ice skaters use them to lean on until they find their balance. In other sports, coaches often use cones for plyometric and speed drills for basketball players, football players, soccer players, or hockey players. Since the cones hold up under all kinds of weather and work as well indoors as out, they are a great low-cost way to mark courses for athletes.

Businesses, schools, and sports facilities, as well as households with new drivers, should consider purchasing a few traffic cones to put to good use as caution signs and course markers. At Dornbos Sign Company, we have durable, high-quality traffic cones that range from super-economical to high-end, commercial and government-grade equipment. Order yours today.