Reflective Aluminum Traffic and Custom Signs Available at Dornbos Sign & Safety

Reflective Aluminum Traffic and Custom Signs Available at Dornbos Sign & Safety

18th Jun 2019

Reflective aluminum traffic and custom signs have an attractive aesthetic and are extremely durable. They have many applications from standard traffic signage to more custom signage. With reflective sheeting, these signs have high visibility both in the day and night time.

Also, because these signs are made of aluminum, they are not susceptible to rusting and are ideal for any type of weather conditions or climate. These signs have a reinforced plastic core wedged between two pieces of aluminum sheeting. The reflective element is then mounted to the surface as an overlay. Most reflective signage can last as long as seven years with proper placement and care.

Types of Reflective Aluminum Signage

Traffic Signs

Traffic signs are instrumental in keeping the roadways safe, so any extra visibility is welcome. That’s why so many choose reflective aluminum traffic signs. From stop signs to parking signs to pedestrian signage, you can choose to make any traffic regulatory sign reflective.

Custom Street Signs

Whether you need a custom street sign for an avenue or boulevard, we have a wide selection of options, including reflective selections. Our custom street signs use 3M High Intensity Prismatic Reflective material with an aluminum substrate of either .080 5052-H38 flat aluminum or .090 aluminum extrusions. This is DOT grade material and can be single or double-sided. Select from a variety of sizes up to 48” by 9”.

Reflective Real Estate Signs

Make your real estate signs stand out with reflective materials. The signs are printed on 3M High Intensity Prismatic 3290 and mounted to .080 5052 aluminum, which is used to make highway signs. A protective film overlay covers the sign. These signs can be completely customized to showcase your branding and colors.

Caring for Reflective Signage

Reflective aluminum signs are easy and simple to maintain and clean. They can be cleaned with soap and warm water, but you should refrain from using any type of abrasive cloth. To prevent the sign from warping or bending, it’s ideal to place it any area shielded from high wind gusts so that it doesn’t blow loose. For longevity, it’s also best to install it not in direct sunlight. Finally, don’t place them in a suspended fashion, which puts them in a weight-bearing position.

Have questions about reflective aluminum traffic or custom signs? Feel free to contact us, and we’ll be glad to help you find the right sign for your needs.