Reflective Products for Visibility and Durability

Reflective Products for Visibility and Durability

Posted by Mia S. on 8th Jun 2020

Reflective products for visibility and durability

Visibility and durability play a critical role in road safety. High-quality reflective products improve both of these vital factors by clearly alerting drivers, pedestrians, cyclists, and other road-goers of near-by hazards during low-light conditions.

In this article, we’ll examine reflectivity in a little more detail and discuss several must-have hi-vis products. Let’s get started.

How does hi-vis reflectivity work?

We’ve all seen it before – that seemingly magic fabric that glows brightly at dawn, dusk, or in the middle of the night when hit by light. But how does it work?

Essentially, the material’s fluorescent color reacts with ultraviolet rays creating a brilliant, impossible-to-miss glowing appearance – all without a power source. The glow is more visible during times of poor light, like daybreak and twilight.

Reflective products are embraced by those in the transportation and traffic industry, as well as bike riders, dog walkers, pedestrians, and homeowners.

What are the benefits of reflective products?

Visibility is the chief benefit of reflective products. People in hi-vis and objects featuring reflective strips and markers are easy to spot, improving safety for drivers, traffic controllers, those operating vehicles and equipment, and the general public.

Reflective products also make the wearer or object more discernible from their background environment, again improving visibility and safety for all parties involved.

Reflective material can protect objects from potential accidental damage, too, increasing their longevity and durability.

Types of reflective products for visibility and durability

Reflective material can be added to a whole host of items, objects, and wearables. Here are some of the most common – and most useful – reflective products available on the market.

Reflective signs

Many road signs are constructed with a reflective finish to ensure drivers and others on the road can see them at all times of day and night. Everything from speed limit signs to temporary barriers can be adorned with a reflective material, improving visibility, enhancing safety, and protecting signs against accidental damage.

Reflective strips

Reflective strips are the ideal solution for those looking to improve the visibility of objects, equipment, and areas that may be at-risk during low-light conditions.

Reflective roll goods

Reflective roll goods allow you to customize existing products – including clothing – with a highly reflective material. For example, many use roll goods to improve the visibility of their bike-riding outfit or dog leash.

Reflective post markers

These practical traffic markers allow construction and transportation teams to make road edges and other boundaries more visible to walkers and drivers. You’ll often see reflective post markers installed along roadways that don’t have a curb or any other fencing.

Reflective mailbox signs

If you live on a road without streetlamps, finding your property at night can be a challenge. That’s where reflective mailbox signs come in. When hit with your vehicle’s headlights, your street number glows, beckoning you safely home.

Driveway markers

Reflective driveway markers are an excellent solution for those looking to protect grass and surrounding landscaping from car damage. Driveway markers are a fast and affordable way to improve the visibility of your driveway by creating a low-profile barrier that’s easy to see during the night.

Selecting the right reflective products

Not all reflective materials are created equally. Whether you are purchasing reflective signs, strips, or driveway markers, ensure the product you choose is high quality. Otherwise, you may not experience the intended improvements in visibility and durability.

If you have any questions or would like assistance deciding which reflective product is right for you and your job, get in touch today. Your friends at Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc. are more than happy to point you in the right direction.