7th Sep 2022

Traffic control signs are made with a few different types of reflective sheeting. Depending on the type of sign and local specifications and/or federal specifications, determine which type of reflective material you should use.

Engineer Grade Prismatic is used for non-critical signs such as informational signs and parking signs. Otherwise known as EGP, this sheeting meets ASTM D4956 Type I specifications. This means that this type of sheeting is used for signs that do not specifically control how motorist should drive on a given road. Often used for parking signs and/or informational signs. EGP is made up with glass beads that are enclosed in a translucent substrate. 3M engineer grade prismatic series 3430i is used if you want a sign to be reflective but the sign doesn’t have to meet any DOT or local reflective sign specifications. At Dornbos Sign & Safety Inc. we occasionally use EGP for sign date decals that go on the back of a sign and tell the road agency how long the sign has been out on the road and who the sign belongs to.

High Intensity Prismatic or HIP is used for many types of traffic control signs including STOP sign, SPEED LIMIT signs and other commonly used traffic control signs. HIP has two layers of material, one with an inner reflective layer with prisms that have a distinctive diamond shaped pattern and has stripes in the material. When a car headlight hits a sign with HIP sheeting, the light hits the prismatic cells and reflects back at the driver in a wide angle giving more light reflective back toward the motorist approaching the sign on the road.

3M High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting 3930 give the signs a 24 hour 365 day sign.

HIP meets ASTM D4956 Type IV standard, it is available in all the standard traffic colors.

Is suitable for most traffic sign applications including; Work Zones, non-critical traffic signs, non-regulated, commercial signs, and regulated traffic signs.

HIP meets most of the more common performance standard and is warranted by 3M to meet performance standards for at least 10 years.

Diamond Grade Cubed or DG3 is the brightest and longest lasting reflective sheeting. DG3 offers superior reflectivity and both short and long distances and meets or exceeds the highest performance standards.

60% of the light from motorist headlights is returned to the driver and is often used on the most critical traffic control signs. Its full-cued technology delivers the highest performance and is said to help crash numbers drop by 25%s where installed.

Meets ASTM D4956 Type IX standard

Disadvantaged sign placement locations such as overhead or left shoulder

3M™ Diamond Grade™ Reflective Sheeting offers industry-leading retroreflectivity, conspicuity and legibility because of its highly efficient retroreflective optics. It helps improve safety by providing higher luminance values at distances most critical to drivers.

Durability: 12 years

3M DG3 makes your signage for visible, especially at night.