Road Sign Colors and Their Meanings

Road Sign Colors and Their Meanings

2nd Dec 2022

The colors of road signs are often ignored or neglected by many drivers once they’ve been on the road for years. However, studies suggest that road signs have been useful in avoiding several accidents over the past. The sheer number of signs utilized can be scary to many drivers, even though those of us who have been driving for some time have figured out and learnt what all the signs we see imply. You may already be familiar with many road signs, most drivers are bound to forget what the colors mean, hence, increasing the chances of accidents.

Here, we will talk about the most important road signs and the meaning of their colors for those who wish to learn more about them.

Road signs: Why Are They Important?

Let's quickly recap the significance of each traffic sign before we examine each one in detail. All road users should heed the warnings provided by road signs to ensure their safety from potential driving dangers and circumstances. They also aid in controlling the movement of other road users, such as cyclists and pedestrians, as well as traffic and animals.

Each local government in the state will first hire an engineer. The engineer will then investigate the proposed site for the sign and determine whether it will be helpful there. The local authority must approve the sign after the study is finished and the need for it has been established. So, yes, hanging those signs is not that easy.

Colors on Road Signs and What They Mean

There is a particular color assigned to each road sign. You can know what a road sign is about just by its hue.


A sign board in red indicates that you must stop or slow down ahead. This one is pretty obvious, but don’t get confused but red could be a sign for something else too, like do not enter, wrong way, or no parking.


Green traffic signs indicate directions. Mile markers, exit signs, street signs, and signs indicating the distance to a certain location or the instructions to a city all utilize this color.


Yellow traffic signs serve as generic warnings of impending dangers or shifting road conditions. A tiny bridge, a railroad crossing, a no-passing zone, curves in the road, a merging point, a pedestrian crossing, a dead end, etc., may be indicated by road signs in the color yellow.

Fluorescent Green/Yellow

Although this color is fairly new on our roads, it is utilized on warning signs for schools, cyclists, and pedestrians. They are also being used more frequently for some construction-related signs since they are simpler to see in rainy or foggy conditions.


Road signs with the color orange are typically transient and pertain to maintenance alerts, temporary traffic management, and road work. Keep an eye out for employees on or close to the road when you notice orange road signs.

Final Thoughts

Each type of traffic sign has a distinct meaning and comes in a range of colors and designs. The various colors and designs are intended to make it as easy as possible for you to recognize a sign without having to stop driving.

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