Road Trip Signage - Signs You Should and Shouldn't Expect to See on the Road

Posted by Jeffery Dornbos on 1st Oct 2015

Taking a road trip soon? It’s a road warrior tradition to pass the time by playing games that involve traveling traffic signs. There’s travel bingo, road trip sign scavenger hunts and alphabetical sign games. To help you prep we’ve found five interesting signs of the road that you may find along the way.

Animal Highway Signage

There are a number of animal signs out on the road, some of which are more common than others. The bear crossing sign is one that you’re more likely to see and should definitely make note of since bears can leave a big dent in your car. But an elk crossing sign? Yep, they do exist although the need for them isn’t as great unless you’re up north.

Other animal signs you may or may not see during your travels include crossings for rams, donkeys, goats, deer and moose.

The Most Dreaded of Road Trip Signs

When you’ve got your road trip mapped and all timed out one thing that can put a serious wrench in the gears is road work. The dreaded Road Work Ahead sign immediately brings to mind bumper to bumper traffic, closed lanes and busted up asphalt. The sign may as well say serious slowdowns ahead. Just keep in mind that while it isn’t a welcomed sign it is one that is meant to keep workers safe. So respect the warning and watch out for workers.

The Sign You Hope You Don’t Have to Use

One of the last things you want on a road trip is an unexpected stop – especially ones that are a result of a breakdown. No Stopping Except on the Shoulder is a traveling traffic sign you should expect to see if you’re on the highway. The problem is, if you have to actually use the advice it’s usually not a good thing.

One Road Sign You Surprisingly Won’t See

Are we there yet? It’s quite possibly the most common phrase uttered in a car, yet you never see a sign for it. We’re sure there’s an app to answer the question, but until then, here’s the closest you’ll get to an actual sign.

Think you know your road signs? There are hundreds of warning, safety and regulatory signs out there on our highways. Test your road sign skills with the DMV Practice Test.