Sign Mounting Hardware and Street and Traffic Sign Brackets

Sign Mounting Hardware and Street and Traffic Sign Brackets

12th Dec 2018

Whether you’re installing a traffic control sign or a safety product, you need to make sure the structures holding it are robust enough to last. While finding a sign that’s highly visible goes part way to maintaining safety, it can become all but useless if you don’t have the right nuts and bolts to hold it in place. With our sign mounting hardware, you can rest assured your signage will last the extra mile.

The importance of using the right sign installation kit

Using the right sign installation kit isn’t just about making sure your sign stays upright. As many of these signs rest along the side of the road, they have the potential to cause damage to vehicles and their drivers if they come loose. For example, if a car is driving past a loose sign at speed and the weather is bad, there’s a risk that it can hit the car or a vehicle behind it. Or, if one falls into the road it can cause a car to skid, especially when the weather is bad.

With our street sign brackets and hardware, you can secure your signs in place and reduce the risk of accidents. We feature nuts and bolts in a large selection of sizes, allowing you to find the right fitting for your sign.

Working alongside gravity with our bases

In addition to using nuts and bolts to keep your signs in place, you may also want to consider adding a heavy base. One example of this is the pedestal sign bases we have in stock. Some of the bases we supply are designed to support temporary structures, or they can sit in asphalt as a permanent feature. Temporary signs are particularly perilous but are often necessary when you’re hosting an event. When you use a pedestal sign base, you can add temporary signage along a road without worrying about causing an accident.

Different street and traffic sign brackets for different purposes

When it comes to meeting high safety standards, diversity is often the key to success. At Dornbos Sign and Safety, we sell sign brackets that are engineered to match different uses. For example, if you have an extra long street sign we can provide you with an extruded bracket that’ll allow it to remain upright.

If you want to learn more about how we can help you keep your signs securely in place, call us at 1-800-922-0029.