Signs – Affordable Security for Your Home or Business

Signs – Affordable Security for Your Home or Business

2nd Feb 2021

Wondering how to protect your home or business without breaking the bank on costly security systems? There are actually plenty of effective and affordable signs for security purposes that you can put up and take down at your convenience. These security signs can usually be split up into three categories:

No Trespassing Signs

Trespassing is a common concern for both homeowners and business owners. You may be worried about property damage, theft , or maybe you just don't want people loitering on your property. Thankfully, you can use no trespassing signs to let passersby know that they're about to enter private property and that you're willing to contact the authorities if need be.

There are plenty of these signs to choose from, including ones that say no trespassing, private road, private property, and private drive. These signs are an effective and affordable security measure, so long as they're highly visible at nighttime.


Anti-Theft Signs

Anti-theft signs are a great preventative measure to protect your business or home. Of course, a sign that simply says no stealing may not be very effective. That's why you should opt instead for surveillance signs. This includes signs that say things such as premises under video surveillance and warning 24- hour surveillance.

Worried that these signs may look a little harsh or intense when you're operating your business during the day? If so, we recommend putting up a "smile, you're on camera" sign. This sign, which usually depicts a cartoon smiley face, is a tongue-in-cheek way to get your message across clearly with a bit of charm.


Crime Watch Signs

Crime watch signs are one of the best ways to protect your home or business against things like break-ins, theft, and property damage. These signs let people know that your property is in a neighborhood crime watch area.

This means that you and your neighbors are organized against crime and are more than willing to report any suspicious activity they see to the police. This increases the level of risk associated with trespassing or breaking into your business or home.

The great thing about crime watch signs and anti-theft signs, in particular, is that they can also be bluffs. Not every community has an official neighborhood crime watch, and not every business can afford 24-hour video surveillance. Still, having those signs up as a bluff could deter criminal activity.


Dornbos Has Quality Security Signs for Homes and Businesses

Dornbos Sign and Safety is home to the best security signs in Michigan and beyond. With 60 years of experience as an independent, family-owned sign business in Charlotte Michigan, we're experts in making highly visible signs that communicate a clear message. Our durable, American-made signs are specially designed to deter things like theft, trespassing, and property damage.

What sets us apart from other sign manufacturers is our wide inventory, our quality materials, and our compliance with both local and national safety standards. When you order from us, you can rest assured knowing you'll get an exceptional product that will last you for years to come.

If you have any questions about our signs, customization options, shipping, or anything else, please feel free to reach out. You can contact our friendly team by emailing, calling 1-800-922-0029, or by filling out our online form.