Snap n Safe Breakaway Sign Mounting Devices

Snap n Safe Breakaway Sign Mounting Devices

8th Jun 2018

Damage happens, whether it comes from unsafe drivers, poor conditions, or other problems. When mounting signs anywhere, Snap n Safe’s specially designed street sign mounts ensure that when trouble happens, the sign snaps off quickly and safely.

When signs simply snap off as opposed to being rooted into the ground, it better preserves the integrity of the post and helps to prevent additional damage to vehicles and those who drive them.

Snap n Safe offers top quality products that meet or exceed federal safety standards at competitive prices. Check out the full inventory, including newly designed breakaway posts and mounts for street signs, proudly manufactured and sold in the USA!

Safety Always Comes First

All Snap n Safe sign mounts and products comply with the National Cooperative Highway Research Program’s Report 350. This study analyzes sign product types and highway features for safety. In crash tests shown here, results indicate that Snap n Save’s designs reduce damage and risk to vehicle occupants. They also reduce risks to road crews because:

  • Easier installation means less exposure for road crews on dangerous highways
  • One person can install the posts in half the time
  • No anchors that require repair
  • No more concrete boring with advanced surface mount design

Already got a perfectly good anchor post? Most Snap n Safe products fit existing anchors.

Breakaway Devices for Square Posts

Snap n Safe offers eight options for  breakaway devices for square posts. All options conform to NCHRP’s Report 350 standards for safe installation and use. These options come in either a surface or in ground mount.

Anchor post sizes for in ground applications range from 2” x 2” to the heavy duty 3” x 3”. Post sizes are the same for surface or in ground mounting, ranging from 1.75” by 1.75” to a robust 2.5” x 2.5”.

All square post mounting products provide better durability and safety for very competitive prices. For top quality, American made square mount breakaway devices, reach out to Snap n Safe today.

Breakaway Devices for Round Posts

Snap n Safe offers four high quality options for  round posts at competitive prices. All products sold by Snap n Safe meet or exceed federal government standards for safety.

In ground applications include anchor posts that range from 2.375” OD 13-16 ga wall thickness to 2 ⅞ OD 0.25” wall thickness. Post sizes range from 2.375” OD 13-16 ga wall thickness to 2 ⅞ OD 0.25” wall thickness.

All of our round post breakaway mounts offer the very highest quality, and are made in the USA. Contact Snap n Safe today for more information about these products.

Breakaway Devices for U Channel Posts

No more concrete boring when installing Snap n Safe’s  U Channel posts. The surface mount design takes less time and personnel to install, meets all federal safety standards, and comes at a competitive price. Snap n Safe’s U Channel posts and mounts come in both in ground and surface mount options and are all made in the USA.

Contact Us Today

When looking for a cost effective, durable sign post anchor, look no further than Snap n Safe. Our products last longer, cost less to install, and meet or exceed all federal highway safety standards. We offer top quality goods that are built to last at competitive prices.

Our courteous and expert staff work hard to develop strong, long-lasting, and beneficial relationships with all of our partners. They stand ready to help both new and established customers meet their sign mounting needs today.

All Snap n Safe products are proudly manufactured in the USA!

Reach out here today to ask any questions or to place an order.